Tyler Schlumpf


Senior Portfolio Strategist

(402) 330-4633


Tyler is a Senior Portfolio Strategist with Carson Institutional Alliance where he focuses on representing the multi-asset class strategies to Alliance Partners and clients. He is primarily responsible for strategy development and communication along with training and market commentary.

Before relocating from Phoenix to Omaha in 2015 to join Carson Institutional Alliance, Tyler started his career in the financial industry at the Vanguard Group over 10 years ago. While there, he worked with individual clients before ultimately consulting the financial advisor community on portfolio construction. In 2012, he made the switch to Northern Trust where he became a portfolio manager with discretion over $250 million in client and trust assets. As a portfolio manager, he utilized a wide variety of investments, including equities, fixed income and private equity.

Tyler is a CFA® charterholder and has a degree in finance from San Diego State University where he graduated with honors. Starting in 2012, Tyler joined the board for the CFA® Society of Phoenix where he was responsible for organizing the CFA® Research Challenge for Arizona and Nevada.

He enjoys cooking, craft beer, Chargers football and spending time with his wife and his three sons, Rowan, Isaac and Eli.

Getting to Know Tyler

Favorite food: Homemade BBQ ribs, his wife’s pasta salad and a cold IPA

Hidden talent: He can juggle

Something on Tyler’s bucket list: Marlin fishing off the coast of Florida