July 2020 Client Connection: What’s Up Ahead For Us? Listen to Dr. Fauci’s Eerie Outlook for COVID-19 In The U.S., And Register For Our Exclusive Client Webinar With J.P. Morgan On Thursday, September 10th At 4:15pm!…and More

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JULY 2020

The Client Connection

Dr. Anthony Fauci: America Faces a ‘Serious Situation’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, speaks with The Journal about the U.S.’s surge in coronavirus cases and what could be done to get the spread of the virus under control.


Moving Beyond Market Volatility: Your Guide to the Markets with J.P. Morgan

Thomas Toomey, Vice President of J.P. Morgan, will be our special guest speaker at our Thursday, September 10 at 4:15pm Webinar! He will be sharing thoughts on the current economic landscape and outlook for 2020.

Please join us on this exclusive client only webinar to hear insights on today’s most critical economic and investment topics from Thomas Toomey, Vice President of J.P. Morgan.

We hope you can attend and look forward to your participation!

Reasons To Attend Our Webinar:

  • Find out key drivers and trends taking place in the markets for 2020.
  • Ask Thomas Toomey, Vice President, Client Advisor of J.P. Morgan Asset Management your most pressing questions.
  • Find out where the specific investment opportunities are now.
  • Learn more about the current state of the markets and how to prosper through this recession.
  • Gain exclusive insights from J.P. Morgan into the market recovery and what can happen next.


The Tough Get Strategic – Financial Strategies for a Market Downturn
Article provided by Carson Group

When the going gets tough, the tough get strategic. Headlines you read at breakfast might be contradicted by lunch, and the ups and downs of the market could give anyone vertigo. But now is not the time to panic – now is the time to take a deep breath and strategize…Read More

Covid-19: Why Travel Will Never Be The Same
The Economist Video Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

Covid-19 has devastated global travel and—as the industry recovers from the effects of the pandemic—tourism will be increasingly localised and complicated. This won’t just affect foreign holidays; it could disrupt the workings of the globalised world….Click Here To View Video


What’s Ahead on COVID-19? Experts Offer Forecast for Summer and Fall 2020
American Medical Association Article provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Summer weather may bring some slight relief from the COVID-19 pandemic, predicts a prominent Yale physician researcher famed for his use of quantitative methods. But unlike earlier pandemics, sunshine will not bake away the disease. And look out for a powerful second wave by fall….Read More


The filing and tax payment deadlines have officially ended! Please click here for information on how to send tax returns to us. Click Here for our 12-Point Tax Return Review Checklist that allows you to review specific details from your tax return for tax planning purposes.


The longest expansion, followed by the shortest recession?

We are now halfway through 2020, which is shaping up to be a very unpredictable and challenging year. The U.S. has entered a recession as economic activity has severely contracted. Unemployment rose from almost full employment to nearly 15%, which is high but much better than many were predicting. Gross domestic product (GDP) growth could contract by over 30% in the second quarter…Read More

JULY CLIENT LETTER: A Bounce in Economic Activity and COVID-19 Cases

Last month, I entitled June’s letter to you “The Approaching Light Before the Dawn.” Much of the economic data at that time was extremely negative, with record declines in employment (U.S. BLS employment data) and consumer spending (U.S. BEA). The speed of the decline had no modern precedent. With government-imposed lockdowns and business closures, companies furloughed employees at a furious and painful pace. It is difficult to express in words, but it has been disheartening to see friends and family members sidelined from the workforce….Read More



We hope you joined us for our Exclusive Client Webinar with guest speaker from Goldman Sachs, Candice Tse on July 2nd!

After the Run Up: Goldman Sachs on Their Outlook and The Investment Themes That Matter. This exclusive client-only webinar was co-hosted by Candice Tse, Managing Director, U.S. Head of Market Strategy, Goldman Sachs and Debbie Taylor. Candice shared Goldman’s forecast for the rest of 2020.

Candice was able to answer some of the most pressing questions our clients had for moving through 2020, elaborate on specific investment opportunities, and help our clients gain exclusive insights from Goldman Sachs into the market recovery.
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