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The Cat Column – 5 Financial Planning Tips for Snowbirds

Dear Humans,

As someone who has worked for a financial planner in Northern New Jersey for many years, I know a thing or two about super harsh and cold winters! 

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Have You Heard About QCD’s?

It is inspiring how much is done, built, and bettered by the generous donations of our clients and friends. Those donations help good causes and people all over the World, and as you near retirement, a little planning in connection with your charitable gifts can also help your tax bill, with Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD’s). Read more

Federal Interest Rate, 2019, Carson Group

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From Washington to Your Wallet: How the Federal Funds Rate Affects Personal Finance

If you’ve watched the headlines at all in the last month, you know the markets aren’t sitting still. From the worst Christmas Eve on record to the Dow’s largest jump ever just a few days later – losses and gains seem to have less pattern every day. Experts are divided on how 2019 will look, but predictable isn’t the word any of them are using. Read more

Market Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary February 04, 2019

Markets returned to rally mode last week and finished January significantly higher. The S&P 500 surged 1.6% on strong employment data, the Federal Reserve communicating its concerns about slowing growth, and generally positive earnings data.

The relatively strong earnings pushed Carson’s expectations for earnings growth from 11% to just less than 13%. Strong earnings performance from major oil companies helped boost estimates, too. Read more

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February MPL: Tax Month

Can you believe that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) recently celebrated its 1st anniversary? Well I can. Over the last year, our Taylor Financial Group team has been working around the clock to inform clients (and teach other advisors) about this major legislation!

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Check out Debbie’s Featured Quote of the Day from January 21, 2019

NJ Politics Digest: Thousands of Millionaires Fled the Area in 2018

The Republican tax plan’s limiting of the federal deduction for state and local taxes, plus the high cost of living in the state, led to thousands of millionaires leaving the area in 2018, according to a research firm’s new report. Read more


Check out Debbie Quoted on January 18, 2019 About Why the New Jersey-New York area lost 5,700 Millionaires in 2018

The New Jersey area lost thousands of millionaires in 2018, even as their ranks grew worldwide.

A tumultuous year for global stock markets and federal and state tax changes are responsible, experts say.

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Watch Debbie Speak About Financial Stability on Fios 1 News New Jersey on January 25, 2019

Federal workers who have gone a month without getting paid during the longest government shutdown in U.S. history expressed relief Friday that a deal had been reached to end the impasse, but are worried they’ll be in the same spot in a few weeks. Read more


Check out Debbie Quoted in New York’s The Real Deal on January 26, 2019

Volatile financial markets are leading high net worth individuals to leave New York and New Jersey in droves.

Last year, the region encompassing New York City, Jersey City and Newark lost more than 5,700 individual with liquid assets of $1 million to $30 million, the North Jersey Record reported. Read more


Digital Assets – What They Are and Why You Already Own Some

By Jamie Hopkins

Recently I gave a presentation to a large group, over 300 in attendance. I asked the group, “How many of you own a digital currency?” Only about three or four hands went up. I was shocked. Read more