Client Events, Seminars & Celebrations

Whether it’s summertime on our deck or speaking in a classroom, we enjoy making memories with clients, guests and beyond. Thank you to everyone who takes part in these memories.

Throughout our 25-year journey at Taylor Financial Group, we’ve had the privilege of building lasting connections with a diverse and dynamic group of clients. Our commitment to crafting tailored financial solutions has led to memorable past client events that have truly set us apart. We’ve celebrated alongside our clients as they achieved significant financial milestones, be it retirement planning, navigating intricate tax scenarios, or optimizing their investment portfolios. Beyond our financial expertise, we’ve cherished the moments of camaraderie and shared joy at events like cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, golf lessons, and harvest gatherings. These gatherings have not only allowed us to share valuable insights but have also created a sense of community and genuine fun times together. These past client events underscore our unwavering dedication to helping our clients achieve financial security and live their best days, all while fostering meaningful connections and creating cherished memories together.


Photo Gallery & Client Events

Ryan Detrick Event & 25th Anniversary Celebration

The Ryan Detrick and 25th Anniversary Celebration was an absolute success, drawing an impressive turnout of clients who filled the event with warmth and enthusiasm!

Women's Wellness & Champagne Brunch Event

Our Women’s Wellness and Champagne Brunch was a hit! Cheers to the incredible ladies who made it unforgettable! Thank you to Lisa Alexander for the Tibetan Bowls and Herbal Haven Boutique for their wellness tips and goodies!


Our Galentines’ Chat & Dinner was a grand slam, and we have the pictures to prove it!

Taylor Financial Group’s Annual Holiday Dinner at Capital Grille!

The Taylor Financial Group team enjoyed their holiday dinner at The Capital Grille, where they savored delicious food and were joined by some clients.

Girls' Day in NYC!

Debbie, Evelyn, Caroline, Jenn, and Jessica had a Girls’ Day in New York City watching the Radio City Christmas Show, followed by some delicious Indian food!

Annual Ladies Holiday Luncheon

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who attended our annual Ladies’ Holiday Luncheon! A special shoutout to everyone who generously donated toys for the Toys for Tots drive. We all had a fantastic time with Top Chef Angie and thoroughly enjoyed making gingerbread houses. Your enthusiasm and generosity made this event truly memorable!

Celebrating Women’s History Month

I am proud to have founded a wealth management company 25 years ago that serves women and supports them on their journeys.

6th Annual Galantine’s Day Event

The ladies’ Galantine’s Chat and Dinner was a huge success! Everyone had such a great time!

Ladies Wine Event

The ladies tasted delicious wine with Top Chef Joe Sasto followed by some wine cake!

Women’s Fall Harvest Festival

The Women’s Fall Harvest event was a tremendous success, sparking abundant laughter, engaging conversations, and the creation of many cherished, happy memories.

Women & Wealth Conversation and Gourmet Pizza Party!

Thank you to all the ladies that participated, it was a fun time!

Debbie at Excell

Debbie was at the Carson Excell conference and was one of the panelists speaking to over 700 peers!

Thrivent Keynote 2023

Great times on the Main Stage presenting to thousands of Advisors at Thrivent!

Team Day NYC

The TFG team spent the day On March 9th in NYC starting with lunch at Burger and Lobster and then to Broadway for Hamilton!

2021 Annual Holiday Team Event

The TFG Team celebrated the Holidays by seeing Caroline or Change on Broadway and had a team dinner at Blue Willow in NYC.

2021 Girls Day in NYC

Debbie, AnnMarie & Jenn had a Girls Day in NYC and saw the Radio City Christmas Show!

2021 Annual Holiday Education Event

Taylor Financial Group celebrated the 2021 Holiday Season with a small holiday event on Thursday, December 2nd. 

2021 Client Advisory Board Luncheon

Each year we have our Annual Client Advisory Board meeting.

October 15, 2020: Second Virtual Wine Tasting and Tour Event for TFG Clients

We held our second Virtual Wine Tasting and Tour through our friends and Stoney Hill Vinyard and their sister winery Long Meadow Ranch!

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