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Whether it’s summertime on our deck or speaking in a classroom, we enjoy making memories with clients, guests and beyond. Thank you to everyone who takes part in these memories.


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Make the Right Medicare Plan Decision for 2022

Join us Thursday, November 4th at 4:30 pm EST!
Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) starts October 15th. It’s your only chance to change plans for 2022, so making the right decision is crucial. Here is what Nancy Schwartz, Medicare Coach, will address:
Here’s what Debbie will address:
  • Understand your Medicare options
  • Review your plan & assess 2022 alternatives
  • Identify best changes to make & enroll

Please stay tuned for upcoming events and workshops!

10 Financial Strategies for Every Woman:

90% of Women will be managing their own finances at some point in their life. Women often have the best of intentions in managing their wealth, but often put themselves last.  That’s why every woman should have a plan! Join Debra Taylor as she discusses 10 Financial Strategies all women can benefit from.

20 For 2020: Financial Planning, Investment and Tax Tips to Make the Most of the New Year:

The markets are always changing. Tax laws are constantly changing.  Attend this workshop to learn 20 financial planning, investment and tax tips for the new year. Debra Taylor will provide actionable items to help improve your portfolio and help save you money on taxes.

7 Financial Principles for a Happy and Fulfilling Retirement:

You have waited your entire life to retire. The decisions you make leading up to and in retirement can have a negative effect on your financial well-being, if you don’t understand all options available. Join Debra Taylor for an insightful workshop on how to help make the most of your retirement and help you work towards living the life of your dreams!

8 Things to Know to Help Avoid the Retirement Tax Time Bomb and Help Keep More of Your Money in Retirement:

When you’re building your distribution plan, it is crucial to include tax strategies that will help protect the money you worked so hard to save.Join Debra Taylor as she provides knowledge to equip you with the most  up-to-date and comprehensive information regarding retirement taxation, including ways to efficiently harvest your income sources – whether they are Social Security, 401(k)/IRA, other sources, or a combination of them all.

529 College Plans – 10 Ways to Help Save Money and Send Your Child to College:

The 18-year clock starts ticking the moment your child is born. Yet many aren’t preparing. Just 56% of parents are actively saving for their child’s education.  Join Debra Taylor as she discusses the best ways to make the most of your investments and how a 529 College Savings Plan will help work toward your goals.

The ABC’s of Investing: 7 Tips on How to Invest with Success:

Are you nervous about the markets? Do you have money sitting in your bank account? If there’s one thing that differentiates a savvy investor from one who’s just winging it, it’s the ability to balance reward vs. risk.  Join Debra Taylor as she guides you through the ins and outs of today’s markets and helps you make the most of your money!

Ready, Set, Retire! 10 Financial Tips for Making the Most of Your Retirement:

You have spent a lifetime accumulating money for your retirement. You’ve saved, invested, and taken advantage of workplace retirement plans. Now you have to make decisions about how to generate a steady income stream and these decisions could have lasting repercussions.  The rules are different when you retire and you only have one chance to get it right! Join Debra Taylor for an insightful workshop on how to make the most of your retirement and avoid the retirement tax time bomb!

Photo Gallery & Client Events

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”
~ Tess Flanders, Newspaper Editor, 1911

Not much has changed since 1911 – we still believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. And we love the memories we are able to capture in the pictures we take at our client events and beyond. Thank you to all who share in our memories.

Monday, September 27th, 2021: Third Quarter of 2021 Review and a Look at the Year Ahead!

Debra Taylor, Lead Wealth Advisor, spoke about the major themes in the financial markets from Q3 and how to help improve your wealth and investments in 2021 and beyond.
Here’s what Debbie  addressed:
  1.  3rd Quarter Review, current market trends, and where they could take us in the coming months
  2.  Major tax changes under the Biden Administration and how they may impact your future planning
  3. Investments to consider for 2021
  4. Ways to help improve your wealth in 2021 and beyond



July 30, 2021: First Annual TFG Asbury Park Olympics

The day was filled with playing cards, skeeball, mini-golf, shopping, and great food and drinks!

October 29, 2020: First Annual TFG Pumpkin Fest

Debbie and Rob Taylor were gracious enough to host our entire Taylor Financial Group Team at their home in Ramsey for a Pumpkin Fest! We enjoyed a game of Bingo, Festive Beer & Cider tasting and painted our own pumpkins!

October 15, 2020: Second Virtual Wine Tasting and Tour Event for TFG Clients 

We held our second Virtual Wine Tasting and Tour through our friends and Stoney Hill Vinyard and their sister winery Long Meadow Ranch! Our wonderful host Whitney MacDonald led us through a beautiful virtual event where all attendees learned specific details on how the wine is produced from start to finish!

Although states have begun phased reopenings and outdoor dining is an option in many places, most of our clients still aren’t gathering in groups. And with an uptick in cases happening in several states, many people still aren’t comfortable or allowed to travel to vineyards or sit inside tasting rooms.

W wanted to create a virtual gathering with our clients, their family, and friends, and enjoy uncorking a delicious bottle of wine.

October 7, 2020: Free live cooking session with Marc Forgione, one of the famed Iron Chefs on the Food Network.

Our Clients learned more about Marc Forgione and his approach to exceptional cuisine! The 60-minute session featured Marc cooking his signature dishes – including his Pasta Three Ways!
Clients were also able to order meal kits and cook along with him in the privacy of their homes and had the opportunity to engage with Marc and ask questions during the event.

October 1, 2020: Boost Your Medicare IQ: Get the Right Coverage at the Best Price Webinar

We hosed a client and prospective client webinar geared towards providing Medicare 101 webinar. In just 60 minutes, our attendees learned how to navigate this complicated system and how to get the best coverage for their needs.

September 30, 2020: Taylor Financial Group Team Dinner

Before winter comes, the Taylor Financial Group Team got together for dinner at Brother’s BBQ in Ramsey, NJ! As you can see, we ate like kings!

September 8, 2020: Taylor Financial Group Team Dinner

In the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Taylor Financial Group Team (and most of the Taylor Family) enjoyed team bonding at Cafe Panache, Ramsey NJ, before outdoor dinning was no longer available.

July 2nd, 2020: After the Run Up: Goldman Sachs on Their Outlook and The Investment Themes That Matter

This exclusive client-only webinar was co-hosted by Candice Tse, Managing Director, U.S. Head of Market Strategy, Goldman Sachs and Debbie Taylor.  Candice shared Goldman’s forecast for the rest of 2020.

Candice was able to answer some of the most pressing questions our clients had for moving through 2020, elaborate on specific investment opportunities, and help our clients gain exclusive insights from Goldman Sachs into the market recovery.

June 4th, 2020: “First Thursday” Virtual Workshop: Changes to Taxes and Retirement Planning in 2020

This workshop focused on all the recent events including the CARES Act, the SECURE Act and how it impacts taxes, retirement planning, retirement distributions and those who are actually in retirement.

Our First Ever Virtual Wine Tasting and Tour Event

In response to the coronavirus threat, we wanted to pull together a client event that allowed us to minimize the health risks of seeing our clients in this difficult time. We decided to move our previous plans to a digital forum and created a Virtual Wine Tasting Event!

We understand there’s a lot of uncertainty around COVID-19, and the health of our clients are of the highest priority. That’s why we’ve put together this Virtual Wine Tasting Client Event with our hosts at Stony Hill Vineyard in St. Helena, California!

This event consisted of two white wines, 2018 Stony Hill White Riesling and the 2019 Stony Hill Chardonnay, sent to all of our clients who RSVP’ed. Some clients chose to prepare a charcuterie plate (as seen below) and others just enjoyed the wine as it was. There were also plenty of questions asked and answered by our lovely host Sarah Berger!

We hope to continue this tradition and to continue connecting with our clients whether it be in person or virtually!

May 1, 2020: First Friday Client, Friends & Family Coffee Chat

Debbie hosted her first Client Only Webinar where she discussed the global economic reaction to the coronavirs pandemic, investing strategies in current markets and discussed more about Learn about the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act which passed at the end of 2019.

3rd Annual Galentine’s Event

At this year’s 3rd Annual Galentine’s Event, TFG organized a “Woman’s Chat” to gather feedback about our firm and also to listen and understand the financial needs of women. We discussed many important (and sensitive) issues such as cyber security, retirement, elder care and how to take control of unexpected financial burdens in this day and age. Often, women are not completely aware of their finances and it leaves them vulnerable when changes happen in their lives. In fact, 90% of women will be managing their family’s wealth at some future time*.

At TFG, we aim to educate and improve women’s position in life through discussion, advice and support. The women suggested TFG provide specialized resources through our website on topics such as How to Manage the Finances of Older Loved-Ones, Finances for Same Sex Couples, What to Do When Your Cyber Security Has Been Compromised, and Where to Retire. The women had also provided lots of additional suggestions regarding future services and how best to communicate that we offer those services.

Following the “Woman’s Chat,” TFG hosted a cooking demonstration at Oliver R Twist Olive Oil Co. in Ridgewood, NJ, focusing on “easily” prepared meals with gourmet ingredients. We were joined by Chef Angie Shaghaghi (of Top Chef Fame) and her partner Kenneth Collins, (Owner of Tour Catering, in Lodi), for a “competitive” cook off! Fun was had by all. Stay tuned for many new initiatives geared towards women and families! We look forward to continuing this tradition and empowering women to take financial control.

2019 Annual Holiday Education Event

Taylor Financial Group celebrated the 2019 Holiday Season with their annual holiday event on Saturday, December 7th. With the help of our wonderful clients and friends the evening was full of laughter and creating new memories!  The evening started off with a wonderful education component and we celebrated the season with over 80 people. Many thanks to everyone who joined us!

And a special thank you to everyone who participated in our Toys for Toys toy drive.  We collected 100 toys, beating last year’s collection and making a lot of kids happy this Christmas!

2019 Client Advisory Board Luncheon

Each year we have our Annual Client Advisory Board meeting. We are so appreciative of our Board Members, who take time out of their busy day to sit down with us and share their experiences and suggestions. Our foremost desire is to serve our clients, and we are always looking for ways to improve the client experience.  The Client Advisory Board is a big part of the process.  Thank you to everyone who attended and we are looking forward to next year!

Annual Jackals Baseball Game and BBQ

TFG hosted its Annual Jackals Baseball Game and BBQ on July 13th and it was a home run! After all, anytime Debbie gets to do a photo shoot with a human sized Jackal, it is a good time! It was so great to see everyone! If you couldn’t make it out, we hope to see you at our next event or next year at the ball game!

Women’s Club Summer Cooking Class

TFG hosted its Women’s Club at Olive R Twist Olive Oil Co. in Ridgewood, NJ, for an “Under the Tuscan Sun” cooking class. We were joined by Chef Angie Shaghaghi of Top Chef fame for a cooking demonstration. We also celebrated Debbie’s upcoming birthday with cake!

We were fortunate to have many of our loyal female friends and clients take time out of their busy lives to join us!

Emerging Markets Happy Hour

We had a great time at Roots Steakhouse in Ridgewood last week at our Emerging Markets Happy Hour! Thomas Toomey, Vice President of JP Morgan Chase, discussed JPM’s Market Outlook and Bill Bond, Vice President of Virtus Investment, discussed their outlook for emerging markets. It was all followed by a lovely Question and Answer period. We all enjoyed great conversation and amazing food! Thank you to everyone who joined us!

2nd Annual Galentine’s Day Chat & Cooking Class

Our 2nd Annual Galentine’s Chat & Cooking Class combined focus group discussions with great company and delicious food into one amazing evening! We started the evening in the TFG Office with our focus group. Our chat addressed how we promote women’s issues and we received great feedback from the ladies where they shared their ideas and concerns and how TFG can make an impact for clients and in the community.

We then made our way over to Olive R Twist Olive Oil Co. in Ridgewood, NJ, where we were joined by our friend and the owner, Marianne Krantz, and Chef Angie Shaghaghi for a cooking demonstration. Everyone loved this event so much, that we decided to host regular cooking and fellowship events throughout the year as part of our newly formed, Women’s Club.

We were fortunate to have many of our loyal female friends and clients take time out of their busy lives to join us!

Girls Who Code

Taylor Financial Group embarked on a 10 week long journey teaching young women the ins and outs of coding and robotics. The class met every Wednesday at Waldwick Public Library and was lead by Debra’s son Bobby Taylor, who shares a passion for coding and robotics as well. The class was a huge success and TFG acted as the underwriters of the entire endeavor, providing laptops and books for the students.

2018 Annual Holiday Dinner

Taylor Financial Group celebrated the 2018 Holiday Season with their annual party on Saturday. December 1st. With the help of our wonderful clients and friends the evening was full of laughter and creating new memories! Many thanks to everyone who joined us!

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