Taylor Financial Group: Our Story


Debra joins her mother at Azarian and Company

After graduating from Cornell Law School and working for several years at a large law firm, Debra joined her family’s tax and accounting firm in her late 20s to help her mother grow the business after the passing of her father, who was a CPA.


Debra takes over Azarian and Company, CPA and rebrands to Taylor Financial Group, LLC.

Realizing that she had a love for personal finance, Debra started Taylor Financial Group with the desire to help people confidently take control of their futures.


Debra’s husband Robert joins the firm as a Senior Wealth Advisor.

Debra welcomed her husband Robert to the team to leverage his finance background and to continue the family firm feel for Taylor Financial Group.


Caroline Taylor joins the firm.

With a focus on building for the future, Debra’s daughter Caroline joined Taylor Financial Group as a Client Relationship Associate, bringing youth and fresh ideas to the firm.


Taylor Financial Group celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

With a solid team and the experience and knowledge needed to provide customized wealth solutions and sophisticated tax planning to clients, Taylor Financial Group celebrated its 25th anniversary with the full intention of someday celebrating their 50th – and beyond.


A Note From Debbie

I am often reminded of why I enjoy what I do every day.

My desire to help people, especially with their finances and in securing their futures, is a direct result of the challenges I faced in my childhood, and the struggles I witnessed my mother endure as I grew up.

At the age of 10, my father passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

It was a devastating and scary time. I remember wondering how we would go on without him.

How would our lives change? My mother was literally forced overnight to become the “breadwinner” for the family. She was driven by her fear and uncertainty of the future. She was also driven by her resolve to provide a secure future for me and my two brothers. Not knowing how she would sustain a comfortable lifestyle for us (and how she would provide for our future) created an urgency within her. During my childhood, I watched her become a determined, ambitious woman who was focused on protecting us from financial (and other) insecurities – though she faced many.

As I reached high school, I began helping with some of the hardships our family faced, like caring for my severely learning-disabled brother. His disabilities only created more questions about the future, and I wanted to assure him however I could. I wanted him to know he would be taken care of.

By the time I was a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a profession where I could help people protect themselves, defend themselves, and secure themselves from the uncertainties of life.

To be honest, financial planning was not my first thought. Instead, I went to law school. But I quickly learned that as an attorney, I wasn’t able to help people in the way I wanted to. In addition, the practice of law was too “adversarial” for me.

It wasn’t long before I returned to my “roots” and became a CPA so that I could join the family tax & accounting practice my mother (and father) worked so hard to build. After a few years, I realized that the accounting profession still wasn’t enough for me – I wasn’t able to be creative and I wasn’t touching lives the way I wanted to. I was being too “backwards looking” (as is the nature of accounting and tax preparation) and not helping people move forward towards their dreams.




It wasn’t until I realized who and how I wanted to help that everything changed. I wanted to help people who needed guidance at a time when their lives were at a crossroads.

In particular, I wanted to help people who really needed me – families who required planning (and who had complex needs) along with women in need. Through witnessing the struggles my mother went through at an early age, and experiencing my own struggles as the primary

breadwinner, I learned that I specifically wanted to help women forge their financial futures. By lending my support, I ensure that my clients won’t have to face life’s uncertainties alone. Whether it be a death, divorce, or even retirement, I want to assist families in need and support them on their journeys towards financial security.

At Taylor Financial Group, we live by the Golden Rule – we treat others how we would like to be treated. As a result, I have designed every aspect of our practice to support my clients on their personal journeys. I am so grateful that every day I have the opportunity to help align my clients’ wealth with their dreams in a comfortable, confident manner. I am truly blessed to do what I do.