Client Testimonials

Welcome to our Client Testimonials page, where the voices of our valued clients take the spotlight as they describe their experiences with Taylor Financial. Read about how clients – just like you – feel about the services and strategies we offer.

Maria G.


“I am thrilled to share my extraordinary experience working with Taylor Financial. From the first interaction, it became apparent that their priority is not just managing wealth, but also ensuring their clients are thoroughly knowledgeable about their financial journey. They meticulously explain complex financial concepts, breaking them down into easily understandable terms, which has boosted my confidence in my customized financial plan.

The team, led by the insightful Debbie Taylor, exudes authenticity and dedication in their work. Their analytical approach to wealth management, paired with their intense passion for the field, is truly unprecedented. They not only safeguard my financial interests but also work transparently to maximize my investment returns.

Their deep understanding of the market dynamics ensures that my money is not just safe but is also growing. It’s clear that they are not just in the business of wealth management, but in the business of building trust and relationships with their clients.

In a nutshell, my experience with Taylor Financial has been nothing short of exceptional. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a personalized, comprehensive, and effective wealth management solution.”

Janet C.


“A very important factor to choosing a financial advisor is how available they are. Taylor Financial goes above and beyond 9-5. From the beginning, I was assured that someone was always available to assist me. Procedures and strategies are clearly explained before they are implemented. The team is exceptional, always happy, polite, professional, and efficient. I am grateful every day that Terry McNamara, formerly of TD paired me with Taylor Financial.”

Lisa A.




“As a client of Taylor Financial Group for 2 years now, I can honestly say there is no other financial advisor company out there that does what Debbie’s team does. Over the years I have had experience with advisors from the “Big” financial houses on Wall Street and they cannot compare to the depth of service that Taylor’s provides. The level of open communication, sharing of knowledge, education on financial vehicles, and general caring for my financial goals go above and beyond what any of those other financial houses ever provided. I highly recommend Taylor Financial Group for your financial needs. You will rest easy at night knowing that your finances are in the best of hands.”

Marcia & Bob F.



“We have known Debbie and Rob Taylor for over twenty-five years. Their honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. They understand our goals and have consistently delivered results in excess of our expectations.”

Rich G.



“Debbie is the hardest working person I have ever met in my life. In addition, she’s super well educated with a law degree and CPA. She is very astute and interfaces with me as a client especially well. She’s also extremely professional and knowledgeable. Debbie has provided expert guidance on investing, the economy, and risk-taking.”

Joe S.


“I don’t know how the average investor must feel right about now. Still, I’m guessing it’s a strange mixture of elation, fear, hope, desperation, belief, and confusion, or more succinctly, like a feather salesman in a windstorm. The markets have been somewhat volatile over the last few years, and predictability has become more and more elusive as our nation and the world go through a period of massive change and uncertainty. Wars in the Middle East and on the European continent, significant political unrest here in the US, the dawning of Generative Artificial Intelligence with all its unique possibilities, as well as its unambiguous and present dangers, have all combined to create an environment of considerable challenge. This is especially true for folks like my wife and I, who have both recently retired and lack the horizon needed to weather harsh corrections. In times like these, expertise, steady hands on deck, and genuine caring and concern for clients of every size are a godsend – precisely what we found at Taylor Financial Group. Principals Debbie and Rob Taylor take our trust and individual situations very seriously. There is a personal relationship that becomes a bond built on mutual appreciation. One gets the clear sense that they hold our success and peace of mind of uppermost concern at all times. I have never waited longer than 24 hours for a response in the years we’ve been with TFG, and I often receive answers within an hour of my call. Several times, they have come to us first to warn of a challenging development and always with options for a solution before the challenge becomes an unsustainable loss. This was something new for us as we had been with three different advisors before from firms like Merril Lynch and Raymond James, where the calls came only when the market was on an upswing, followed by total silence whenever things went south.

I can hardly put into words how much their partnership has meant to us or what it means to know that if I should come to rest some years before my wife, she will have the expert, warm, and genuinely friendly support of outstanding advisors like Debbie and Rob and their first-rate team of professionals. So, if you’ve ever felt like that feather salesman in a windstorm, especially if you’ve retired, do yourself a solid and call this team, enjoy the benefits of a financial relationship that is second to none. Enjoy your hard-earned efforts with the peace of mind that comes with Taylor Financial Group’s considerable expertise and meaningful friendship.”