The Week Ahead: The Week Ahead: March 8, 2021: Register for our upcoming webinars , Market update, IRA Checklist month, key deadlines, COVID-19 update, all this and more in The Week Ahead!

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How To Make the Right Medicare Decisions
Join Medicare Coach, Nancy Schwartz, and Wealth Advisor Debra Taylor

Wednesday, March 10th at 4:30 pm EST
Join this session to help build your Medicare IQ and ability to make the Medicare decisions that are right for you.
You’ll walk through a clear, doable three-step process to pinpoint the right Medicare plans (that fit with each individual’s personal profile) and provide peace of mind. And you’ll finish the session knowing how to:
1. Understand the complex Medicare System
2. Identify & prioritize your Medicare Plan needs
3. Find a reliable Medicare guide.
Nancy Schwartz is not affiliated with Cetera Advisors Networks LLC, or CWM, LLC. Opinions expressed by the presenter may not be representative of Cetera Advisors Networks LLC, or CWM, LLC.


In The Room with Dr. Ben S. Bernanke
Thursday, March 18th at 2:00 PM EST
You’re invited to an exclusive conversation with former Federal Reserve Chair Dr. Ben Bernanke, who helped guide the U.S. economy out of its worst recession of the century. His insights on how the economy can emerge and grow through times of adversity couldn’t come at a better time.
You’ll hear what’s really happening at the Fed and why it matters, as Cetera’s Chief Investment Officer and market specialist Gene Goldman takes you behind the scenes and IN THE ROOM during this one-on-one conversation.



First Quarter of 2021 Review, Quarterly Market Outlook, and a Look at the Year Ahead!
Client Only Webinar: Thursday, April 1st at 4:15 pm EST
Open To All Webinar: Thursday, April 8th at 4:15 pm EST
Here’s what Debbie will address:
1. 1st Quarter Review, Current market trends and where they could take us the coming months
2. Major tax changes under the Biden Administration and how they may impact your planning
3. What’s going on with Biden’s Covid Relief package, and what it means for you
4. Investments to consider for 2021
5. Ways help to improve your wealth in Q2


Weekly Market Commentary 03.08.2021
Market Commentary: Monthly Job Growth Exceeds Expectations, New Stimulus Bill Advances
Published by The Carson Group, LLC
The U.S. economy returned to rapid job growth last month as fewer new COVID cases and loosening restrictions increased demand for labor. Restaurants and bars accounted for more than half the net gains, as employment in this hard-hit sector increased 286,000. Despite efforts to reopen schools, government employment dropped last month…..Read More


7 Key Differences Between a Roth 401(k) and a Roth IRA
Resource Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Roth 401(k)s and Roth IRAs share the ultimate goal of tax-free distributions of earnings. But while both of these accounts are funded with amounts that have already been taxed, the path to that tax-free goal is paved with different rules for each of these two types of accounts…. Read More
You are NOT Ready to Retire Until You Can Answer These 7 Questions
Kiplinger Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
You know what they say about timing: It’s everything. That’s especially true about retirement. COVID-19 has thrown many well-laid retirement plans into disarray. Maybe you planned to work a few more years, but now your industry is in upheaval, and you’re ready to call it quits. Or perhaps retirement was around the corner for you, but now you’re worried about an economic downturn so you plan to stay on the job longer…Read More


A Shot in the Arm
Cetera Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
The 2020s haven’t got off to the roaring start we all had hoped for. We’re a year into the worst pandemic in a century, and it’s brought along with it the deepest economic contraction since the Great Depression. While the rebound in economic activity following last spring’s shutdown was initially sharp, it’s been slowing in recent months. It seems the long, slow seep of COVID-19 has left almost no aspect of “normal life” untouched… Read More
How Will the COVID recovery compare to the Financial Crisis Recovery?
J.P Morgan Podcast Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Comparing the recoveries of the global financial crisis (GFC) and the pandemic recession is like comparing the tortoise and the hare: the aftermath of the former was slow and steady, while the latter should experience a burst of speed ahead. The difference in the potential strength and speed of the recovery can be attributed to three factors… Read More


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4 Hurdles in Retirement Beyond Your Investment Portfolio

Becoming hyper-focused on only one aspect of a problem is pretty much never a good approach. A racecar driver who only focuses on speed and ignores strategy won’t win races, at least not many of them. A carpenter who only hammers in nails won’t build strong structures. 

Your Silicon Valley Bank Questions Answered

You likely have heard about the recent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse and probably have questions. Here, we provide you with unbiased answers to your questions.

Thinking About Retiring Early? 8 Things to Consider First

Tom Fridrich, JD, CLU, ChFC®, Senior Wealth Planner We’ve all asked ourselves whether it’s too early to retire (usually after a particularly challenging commute or dealing with a difficult client).  You may have even gone so far as to take a sneak peek at your account statements …

Weekly Update: February 27th

By Debra Taylor, CPA/PFS, JD, CDFA™ Dear Friends, For investors, it may feel like déjà vu all over again as inflation and the Fed dominate market headlines on a day-to-day basis. After all, the numerous market swings last year were driven by ever-changing expectations around the Fed – …

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