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The Week Ahead: How will you take advantage of the new SECURE Act?

It was a rainy week for everyone in the tri-state area last week, but the TFG office is always a ray of sunshine, and Debbie’s birthday on Tuesday made that ray into a fiery inferno! 😉

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There Could Be More Annuities in 401(k) Retirement Plans

The future is looking much brighter for retirement savers.

A month has already flown by since the House of Representatives passed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act. Read more

planning through the decades


The Progression of Financial Planning Through Every Decade of Your Life

Your career and lifestyle look completely different when you’re in your 20s compared to when you’re in your 60s – your financial focus and planning in each decade should follow suit. I’ve highlighted three financial tactics to focus on in each decade of your life starting with your 20s.

Each decade is riddled with its own risks and problems so it’s important to know what to expect. Which decade can you afford to take more risk? Which decade should you really start to plan for retirement? Which decade should you focus on managing debt? Read more

buying a car


How to Buy a Car Without Losing Your Mind (or Your Wallet)

By Erin Wood

Having to buy a car is like having a sliver stuck under my fingernail. It’s painful and annoying, I know I have to deal with it, but it’s going to take forever. Might as well pack a lunch too, because the second you decide you want to test drive something they have you trapped. Read more


The Week Ahead: Where will your retirement income come from?

Last week: Debbie hosted her first radio show, we lost Tyler and Rob P. to a TD conference on Tuesday, and Coco (our office Bergamasco) made some new friends (thanks to meetings).


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The Week Ahead: How do you cope with an inheritance? Certain uncertainties in retirement…and more!

The office was abuzz with activity last week. As Debbie was finishing the last of her Spring workshops the team was helping her prep for her new role as radio show host!

We also welcomed Ava to the TFG team as our new Marketing Intern!! Read more

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Why You Need a Will (and You Need One Today)

by Sarah Duey, JD, CFTA, CAP®, Vice President, Trust Services

Who wants to spend an afternoon thinking about their mortality? No one, which is why more than half of Americans don’t even have a will.

The foundation of your estate plan is a Last Will and Testament. Read more


No, That Is Not the I.R.S. Calling

Watch out for crooks impersonating I.R.S. agents (and financial industry professionals).

Do you know how the Internal Revenue Service contacts taxpayers to resolve a problem? The first step is almost always to send a letter through the U.S. Postal Service to the taxpayer.1 Read more


Weekly Economic Update June 10, 2019

In this week’s recap: the blue chips have their best week of 2019, as investors like what they hear from the head of the Federal Reserve and interpret the latest monthly employment numbers.  Read more


Coping with an Inheritance

A windfall from a loved one can be both rewarding and complicated.

 Inheriting wealth can be a burden and a blessing. Even if you have an inclination that a family member may remember you in their last will and testament, there are many facets to the process of inheritance that you may not have considered. Read more