10 Tips For Maximizing Financial Aid – August 2019

As August moves along and summer comes to a close, one of the thoughts on a
parents mind with school-age children comes back to the top of their to-do list:
Paying college tuition.

College tuition continues to skyrocket each year. Even high-income families can
now qualify for some financial aid by implementing certain strategies.

The process begins by filling out the federal financial aid form known as FAFSA and
certain tips can increase your chances at a generous financial aid package.

Working with a financial advisor to help understand the financial aid process
early on, can help avoid a situation where your child has his heart set on a
school that is too expensive.

Please check out the article attached below for some insight on the process and
then schedule your complimentary 20-minute phone call to discuss your financial
needs (or anything else that may be on your mind).


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