21 Things To Do In A Down Market – April 2020

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We hope you and your family have been holding up well during this time of uncertainty. When the market is down, it’s normal to feel anxious about your 401(k) or other investments.

We invest your money and help build financial plans with a long-term outlook but even so, we understand that it’s a challenging period for many investors. That’s why we have included a link to “21 Things To Do In A Down Market” below, where you can read about actionable items to consider during this, or any other,
market correction.

After reading the pointers attached below, head down to the bottom of this email and schedule your complimentary 20-minute phone call to discuss any questions you have regarding your finances (or anything else you had in mind).

Working with a wealth management firm like Taylor Financial Group, LLC, can help you and your family prepare for your financial needs throughout your lives. We can work with you towards developing a path for success.

Read 21 Things To Do In A Down Market Here

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