9 Reasons You Should Consult With Your CPA Before Year-End


Have you scheduled a meeting with your CPA or financial advisor yet to discuss your 2019 tax bill? It may seem like an odd question in November, but planning for this in advance is important – especially with the taxes that investors face these days.

I highly recommend meeting with your tax and financial advisor early – before year-end – and then setting up your complimentary 20-minute phone call with me so we can discuss your financial goals and any needed adjustments to your income, investments, and other assets.

Working with a financial advisor can help make sure you and your family are adequately prepared for your financial needs and costs throughout your lives.

To help you make that meeting as productive as possible, I’m sending you an article on “9 Reasons to Consult Your CPA Before Year End.” It can serve as an agenda for all the things you may want to review before year end.

After reading the article attached below, head down to the bottom of this email and schedule your complimentary 20-minute phone call to discuss your financial needs (or anything else you had in mind) and find out how we can help collaborate with your CPA and assist you in any number of ways.

Click here to read “9 Reasons You Should Consult With Your CPA Before Year-End”

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