A Blog from a Dog – Coco Lists the Top 5 Jobs for the Future

Dear Humans,

I love my job working at Taylor Financial Group as Director of Enjoyment and in the Taylor family home as an emotional support animal! These jobs utilize my greatest strengths (begging for treats, rolling over for pets, and herding unsuspecting humans) and don’t involve my greatest weaknesses (thunderstorms and fireworks). Additionally, my two jobs are located close to or in the home (Franklin Lakes and Ramsey), which makes for improved quality of life and a very short commute. In fact, Rob Taylor chauffeurs me to and from work every single day!

Although I love my job at Taylor Financial Group, I sometimes wonder what other jobs I could be doing! As a very talented and rare breed, Bergamascos are in high demand as expert herders of cattle and sheep (unfortunately, this is not really applicable in Bergen County). Additionally, some of my fellow Bergamascos compete in dog shows and I have been told that I have great posture (but I do not want to travel all the way from New Jersey to Westminster)! I want to think even bigger, and look towards the top 5 best jobs of the future, many of which are in New Jersey!

  1. Computer Systems Manager

The total number of computer systems manager jobs is 384,340, with projected job growth of 14.4% (between 2017 and 2027). Moreover, the median annual salary of this job is $138,142 and the typical education is a Bachelor’s degree!

  1. Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst is a job of the future with a whopping 634,330 total number of jobs, and projected job growth of 24.4% (between 2017 and 2027). Additionally, the median annual salary for this job is $62,828, and the typical education is a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Financial Manager

Financial Manager makes the top 3 of this list because the median annual salary for this job is $122,733, and the typical education is a Bachelor’s degree! Additionally, the total number of jobs for financial manager is 610,056, and projected job growth is 19.1% (between 2017 and 2027).

  1. Health Services Manager

Health Services Manager is one of the top 2 jobs for the future because its total number of jobs is 371,020, and this job has projected growth of 21% (between 2017 and 2027). Moreover, the median annual salary is $96,517 with the typical education being a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Nurse Practitioner

Although there are only 172,102 Nurse Practitioners, the projected growth for this job is 35.2% (between 2017 and 2027). In addition, the median annual salary for this job is $103,947 and the typical education is a Master’s degree, making this the top job of the future!

In conclusion, there are many great jobs of the future! If you or someone you know is considering his or her future path, consider forwarding them this helpful article. Additionally, financial planner Debbie Taylor and the Taylor Financial Group team are available to help you plan for a more successful financial future!

Till next time,

Coco Taylor

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