A Blog From a Dog – Coco Starts Her Investment Planning Journey

Published by Coco Taylor, Director of Enjoyment

Not to brag, but I am what humans call a “good dog.” I am extremely loyal and protective of my family, affectionate with friends, and mostly obedient (we all slip up sometimes)! I am also an exceptionally hard worker. In fact, prior to joining Taylor Financial Group as Director of Enjoyment, I interned at the Taylor family home where I was responsible for enthusiastically running, jumping, and herding. Nowadays, I provide emotional support to the Taylor Financial Group team with my constant enthusiasm, oversee all aspects of behavioral training, and maintain positive team morale.

Although humans like to complain that they are “working like dogs,” I think that us dogs have a pretty sweet gig. Just think about it, I have free health insurance, and free room and board (plus 2 nightly treats)! Moreover, my generous owner, Debbie Taylor, pays me a nice wage for my office work. And, because I have so few expenses, I have managed to save a lot of money! My initial plan was to spend all of my money on extra treats and toys, but after discussing this plan with Debbie (she was not impressed), I decided to invest my money instead! By investing my money, I hope to grow my money and save for retirement.


The best part about working with the Taylor Financial Group team to invest my money is that they constructed an individualized investment planning portfolio for me. This means that my portfolio is in line with my specific goals, timeline, and risk tolerance. For example, my goal was to travel, so the Taylor Financial Group team created a specific retirement plan that could enable me to visit multiple hot-dog factories in retirement! Additionally, the team regularly monitors my portfolio’s performance and allocation, and conducts meetings to discuss withdrawal strategies, changes within my portfolio’s allocation and time horizon. As needed, over time, they also make any necessary changes to keep me aligned with my goals. All of these services help to provide me with confidence during my investment planning journey and help guide me towards a better financial future (preferably one with even more treats)!

Till next time,

Coco Taylor

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