A Blog From A Dog: Lucky Taylor Welcomes Melissa Marusic to Taylor Financial Group

Published by Lucky Taylor, Furniture Analyst and Occasional Blogger

People do not know what “working like a dog” means until they start working at Taylor Financial Group. As a dog (100% purebred certified!), I can assure you that it means a lot of tough grinds, and also a lot of fun. At Taylor Financial Group, we want to provide our clients with as many financial planning services as possible!

In fact, we provide more than 65 financial planning services, including investment planning, estate planning, and even tax planning. It seems like we are constantly adding new services for our clients! We believe it is important to use these planning services to create a road map for our clients. After all, as Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else.”


Lucky’s Mission

At the last team meeting, I suggested that we add a “treat planning” service where we plan to give treats to the dogs working in the office (which means I would get extra treats!), but Rob Taylor shot that idea down. He kept mentioning boring things about my “poor metabolism” and how I already steal too much food at home by “counter-surfing,” but I just think he’s a party pooper.

Regardless, it recently came to my attention that the Taylor Financial Group Team is expanding so that they can give each client even more attention. Therefore, I set out to find us the best new team member ever! I thought about getting a cat, but we already have two of those “working” for us, and they take too many naps during the workday. Then I thought about getting a bunny, but they are also known to be quite lazy. Finally, I got it! I would find a human! They are ALWAYS working hard at their desks.

Our New Human – Melissa Marusic, Client Services Director

Today, I am proud to announce that I have found the new human who will be working at Taylor Financial Group as a Director of Client Services, and her name is Melissa Marusic. Melissa has worked in financial services for several years and enjoys traveling (she was recently in Croatia) and watching Game of Thrones in her free time. I am very excited for her to work with us and give me lots of pets (and maybe even treats)!

Till next time,

Lucky Taylor

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