Twelve Questions to Ask When Interviewing A Financial Advisor

Twelve Questions to Ask When Interviewing A Financial Advisor

  1. Are you a fiduciary and can I get that in writing?
  2. Who is your custodian?
  3. What are your qualifications?
  4. What is your investment philosophy? Are there any limitations on the investments you will recommend?
  5. Can you stress test my portfolio to make sure I am taking on the right amount of risk for my situation?
  6. Will you provide me a written, comprehensive financial plan, and how often will you update it?
  7. Will and how do you consider taxes as part of my overall situation?
  8. Can you assist with reviewing my will, trusts, beneficiaries, or health care power of attorney?
  9. How do you get paid? Do you and your firm get paid from any other sources in connection with my business with you?
  10. Can you help me determine my long-term care funding strategy?
  11. Can you review my life insurance to make sure I have the right type and amount of insurance?
  12. How often will you communicate with me to discuss my overall situation?

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