August 19, 2019 – Finding Happiness with a Financial Advisor

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Are your financial troubles raining on your lifestyle parade?

Written by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

You may feel stuck in an ever present cool and penetrating fog when it comes to managing your money. But studies show that many people find that a financial advisor can be the first rays of sun breaking through the clouds.

Well, the recent market volatility may not have allowed you to find the sun just yet.

Only one third of U.S. adults work with an advisor today[i]. Perhaps they think it’s too costly or that they could manage their finances and investments on their own. Up until very recently, the ten-year bull market probably encouraged them to feel this way.

However, more people are finding that it pays to hire a professional for their financial expedition. A financial Sherpa, if you will.

Now, not to brag about our mountain climbing skills but take a look at the difference in happiness levels between those who have a financial advisor and those without one (line two).

According to a Northwestern Mutual survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, more individuals feel happier, more confident, and more secure about their current and future lifestyles with the support of a financial professional[ii]. To me, this comes as no surprise as I am personally familiar with the difference we can make in clients’ lives.

So, What Can an Advisor Actually Do for You?

According to an article by the Motley Fool,  “a good financial advisor can look at your big picture — he or she can assess all your financial needs and challenges and can help you [towards] your goals.”[iii] Specifically, a financial professional “can guide you through retirement planning, investing strategies, tax issues, dealing with employee stock options, and more.”[iv] They can help you lessen the confusion when it comes to handling your finances.

A financial advisor can help you see what your future can be in the best and worst scenarios. We understand that financial distress is never easy to deal with. But when you can see what’s coming and brace yourself, it can be easier to weather the storm. Particularly, if you have a good financial advisor at your side.

So, here’s my advice to you. First, sit down and reevaluate the situation you are in. Then, ask yourself again: “Is it worth it to hire a financial advisor?”

If you believe a financial advisor can help your situation, please talk to us. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for outside help during your financial journey!

At Taylor Financial Group, we believe you should understand everything that is happening with your money, and that we should be just as good about explaining investments as we are at making them.

We will work with you to prioritize your goals and design a financial plan that lays out a path towards them. We believe that with a steady plan in place, it will only help put you on the path towards living both a happier and fulfilling lifestyle.

And best of all, you may no longer have to experience those rainy days!

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[i] https://www.businessinsider.com/financial-advisor-worth-the-cost-for-money-advice-2019-7
[ii] https://news.northwesternmutual.com/2019-07-22-92-Of-Americans-Say-Nothing-Makes-Them-Happier-Or-More-Confident-Than-When-Their-Finances-Are-In-Order
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