Dog Blog – A Tribute to Lucky, We will Miss You!

This week’s Pet Blog is unlike all the other blog posts that have been written thus far. This week’s Blog From A Dog will commemorate a wonderful member of the Taylor Financial Group team and the Taylor family household, Lucky Taylor (2008-2019).

Many of you got to know Lucky through these blogs and met him while he worked in the Taylor Financial Group office. He was always very happy to meet new people, and was never shy in asking for either pets or treats!

At the Taylor family household, Lucky was loved by his family (5 humans, Audra the cat, Oliver the cat and Coco the dog) and won awards as a professional counter surfer and cuddler. Lucky led a great life filled with treats and pets and love, and he was a kind and gentle dog. We will all miss him very much.  He led by example.

The Taylor Financial Group team decided to write and post this blog commemorating Lucky Taylor because we want to honor the memory and spirit of a great member of our lives. Beginning this New Year, we hope that Lucky’s memory will remind you to treasure every day.  Also, don’t ever forget to love and truly appreciate the people and animals around you.



The Taylor Financial Group Team


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