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As we age, most of us will take on the role as a caregiver at some point in our lives.  As you take on this role, it is important to know where to start.  Implementing the caregiving plan will help you to stay organized.  Although there are many areas where your loved one may need assistance, ensuring that their health care needs are being met consistently should take precedence.

The highest priority should be ensuring that your loved one is receiving high quality care on a continuous basis.  It is important to avoid interruptions in health care for your loved one, as this can result in serious complications and worsen medical conditions.  In addition to monitoring the quality of health care, you should also ensure that your loved one’s medical bills are being paid properly and timely.  A good planning resource, which we shared last week, is the AARP Prepare to Care Planning Guide for Families.

Tasks like scheduling appointments, monitoring medications and treatments, and assisting with activities of daily living for your loved one can be time-consuming and tiresome. Fortunately, utilizing modern technology can help alleviate the burden. There is an array of options available, from personal health monitoring devices such as medication reminders, vital sign trackers and blood sugar monitors, to adult location tracking devices and authority alert systems in the event of an injury or fall, such as Life Alert or GreatCall.

You should also consider using an electronic vault to gather all of your loved one’s medical information, which helps keep everyone on the same page regarding your loved one’s care, including health care providers. Online resources such as Wellthy can help you with organization of healthcare information, hiring of private medical care such as nurses and therapists, appointment scheduling, and medical bill payments and negotiations. Utilizing this type of service will allow you to pass some of the time-consuming tasks onto professionals who dedicate their time to these caregiving matters. Ultimately, this can help free up some time and relieve stress for both you and your loved one.

Although caring for the elderly may feel overwhelming at times, if you remain organized and put the right resources in place, you can alleviate unnecessary stress. Maintain communication with your loved one and her health care providers to ensure that her care is consistent and effective. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance, whether through the use of a health monitoring device, hiring of a private medical nurse, or other available resources. Caring for a loved one often requires a team of support. Don’t think you have to do it alone!

If you have questions or concerns about your responsibilities as a caregiver, please give us a call. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Content in this material is for general information only and not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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