Insights from eMoney’s Advisor Summit

Published by Taylor Financial Group

Last week, I attended the annual eMoney Advisor Summit Conference, which turned out to be one of the most amazing conferences I have attended all year (and I attend my share of conferences!).  I have always believed that integrating full financial planning services into my practice will enable our firm to provide clients with the best and most comprehensive experience we can offer.  And, after attending the eMoney Conference, I now know that there are plenty of new tools and features available to help us do just that.  To be clear, WealthMatch™, our personalized financial planning program, is our firm’s branded version of eMoney.  We want you to know everything that’s at our fingertips to help you pursue your goals and develop financial confidence.

Laying out your goals and making a plan to reach them has never been easier.  We want to make sure you have the opportunity to outline your goals and monitor the progress you’re making towards them, because doing this provides definition and structure, which can ultimately help you achieve success.  With WealthMatch™, you can do this!  You can input your goals on your very own client website, and then monitor and review customized suggestions to help you better work toward achieving your goals (i.e. spend $200 less per month or work three years longer).  This is a game changer and we have every intention of reminding our clients of this feature at every appointment, including a step-by-step review of their personalized WealthMatch™ website.  (Click here to watch a short video on the importance of goals.)

Organization makes the process simpler.  Do you ever become overwhelmed with all your files and important documents?  Do you wonder, “if something happens to me, will my loved ones know where to find ‘this’ or ‘that?’”  I know – because I think about the same things.  That’s why I’ve been using the Client Vault in WealthMatch™ to store all of my important documents, like estate plans, tax returns, and other important documents.  Yes, I do have my own WealthMatch™ client website – because I like to walk in my clients’ shoes and I would never recommend something to you that I wouldn’t use myself!

That being said, a previous issue I had with the Client Vault was the fact that uploading documents was a hassle.  You had to upload one document at a time, which seemed far too time consuming and discouraged me from the process.  But I was SO delighted to learn that eMoney has upgraded the Client Vault and added the ability to upload as many documents as you wish, even making it as easy as dragging and dropping multiple documents right into the Vault at one time.  This is huge!

The Decision Center remains the cornerstone of WealthMatch™ and of our planning process.  eMoney has also enhanced Decision Center, which is where we are able to demonstrate the “what if” scenarios to you.  If you haven’t yet experienced the Decision Center, you have to do it!  This is extremely essential to helping you see the big picture and to helping you understand how even the smallest decisions can have BIG consequences.  We have learned that most people are visual learners, including myself, so it makes sense to map out the effects of their earnings and spending decisions over the long term.  Decision Center allows us to do just that and it has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool.  Now, we are able to demonstrate probabilities of success more than ever.

Overall, I walked away from this conference so impressed and excited to share with you what we are able to offer as a result of eMoney – WealthMatch™.  If you haven’t had a WealthMatch™ meeting with us yet, give us a call today!  This personalized planning experience has the ability to change the way you see your future!


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