Monthly Planning Update: January – Budgeting & Debt Management Month

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Budgeting and Debt-Management Month


A 2022 Guide to Key Dates for Retirees

Article Provided by Kiplinger

Deadlines are relentless, whether for tax filings, health plan open enrollments, or required distributions from retirement savings. The clock is always ticking, even in retirement, and the consequences for missing a financial deadline can be painful. This guide to key dates in 2022 serves as both a reminder…Read More


2022 Key Financial Data

Reference Card Provided by Horsesmouth

This very handy reference card helps you with your finances for the rest of the year. It’s called the 2022 Key Financial Data reference card, which offers fingertip access to all of the new numbers affecting taxes, health savings, Medicare, retirement, college planning, and more…Click Here to Download


How to Build a Retirement Health Care Budget

Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

Depending on how your life will change (or not) after retirement, you can base these projections on the amounts you currently spend. If you don’t plan to move, for example, your housing and utility costs will…Read More


Tackle Your Debt Before Retirement

 Article Provided by Kiplinger

You should aim to leave the workforce with as little debt as possible. Otherwise, money that could be spent enjoying your golden years could end up going to repaying loans. You’ll need to decide if your debt is manageable. One gauge is your debt-to-income ratio…Read More


A Look at the Year Ahead for 2022

Hosted January 6, 2022, at 4:15pm

Debra Taylor, Lead Wealth Advisor, spoke about current market trends, how your future planning may be impacted by new tax changes and how to help improve your wealth and investments in 2022 and beyond.

Here’s what Debbie addressed:  
1. Current market trends, and where they could take us in the coming months
2. Major tax changes under the Biden Administration and how they may impact your future planning
3. Investments to consider for 2022

4. Ways to help improve your wealth in the upcoming months

Please click here to download the FULL Powerpoint presentation!



Timing of Tax Year 2021 Consolidated Form 1099s


We would like to keep you informed as to the estimated availability dates for the tax year 2021 tax forms. Given the information below, we recommend you provide 1099s to your accountants no earlier than the 2nd Correction Cycle, which is March 17, 2022…Read More


Required Minimum Distributions and Qualified Charitable Distributions


When you reach age 72, the IRS instructs you to start making withdrawals from your Traditional IRA(s). These withdrawals are also called Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). For some of you, 2022 may be the first year you…Read More


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Financial Resolutions to Take Into the New Year

Tom Fridrich, JD, CLU, ChFC®, Senior Wealth Planner Thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions? Add financial wellbeing to your list. It’s a terrific time to identify goals and opportunities that may put you in a better financial position — not only in the upcoming year, …

Charitable Giving Strategies in a High-Income Year

Tom Fridrich, JD, CLUⓇ, ChFCⓇ, Senior Wealth Planner  The end of the year offers an ideal opportunity to look both forward and back — reflecting on recent achievements, while setting goals for the upcoming months. For many of my clients, it’s also a time to review their finances and i …

Let’s Talk About Midterm Elections and Your Investments

This week was midterm elections and we’ve had many questions about what it all could mean, which we’ll tackle in today’s blog. We consider it a great honor to vote, and while we may not know the final results of the election for days (or even months), what we do know is the election will …

Traditional IRA & Roth Conversion

If you have a Traditional IRA, you may benefit from doing a Roth conversion this year (and if you already performed a conversion this year, you still have time to do an additional conversion before year end). We typically favor Roth IRAs (over Traditional IRA balances) as Roth IRAs grow tax …
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