July 22, 2019, Navigating Your Retirement

navigating retirement

Written by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

Assuaging your fears and indulging your passions.

During the first days, weeks, or maybe even months of retirement, you may experience a blissful honeymoon feeling. No boss, no job, no worries! But as that honeymoon glow fades you may find yourself lost at sea, wondering where to go from there.

So how do you find your way to tropical waters and sunshine? Well, start by asking for directions.

Although we are not retirees ourselves, we have been guiding our clients to retirement and throughout it for over 20 years, so we know these waters pretty well: the best places to be, how to get there, and what might hit you as you sail through them.

The two key things to remember in your voyage: assuage your fears and indulge your passions.

Assuage your fears.

Work is, by far, the largest source of stress for adults, and being done with it should be a massive weight of your chest. But you may still find yourself too anxious to really kick back and relax during retirement. Why?[1]

Your money fears.

Did you know that the number one fear for retirees is running out of money?[2]

At Taylor Financial Group, we understand that your money fears are going to be a huge stressor in retirement. That is why it is our job to help remove your financial uncertainties and minimize stress. We want to help you set sail with confidence. Talk to us so that we can help eradicate any fears you may have when going into retirement.

Indulge your passions.

As you grow older, your desires, beliefs, and goals are constantly changing in tandem with life’s events. That is why we recommend keeping track of your retirement goals regularly to understand where your true passions lie.

Is there a destination you have always been dreaming to visit? Do you see yourself living in another state during your retirement? Taylor Financial Group can help you create a personalized financial plan designed to help achieve your retirement goals and wishes.

Overall, your retirement vision should go beyond just avoiding bankruptcy. As you enter the second-longest phase in your life, we can help you take an active role in living your retirement years to the fullest. With appropriate guidance and thoughtful planning, you will be able to enjoy life after work, even relish it.

As you set sail into deeper waters, contact Debbie Taylor in Bergen County, New Jersey for help navigating these new unknowns.

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