The Cat Column: Audra’s 3 Safety Tips for College Students (Be sure to send to a student that you know and love!)

Dear Humans,

My name is Audra Taylor, and my official title is Queen of Everything. The Taylor family also affectionately refers to me as “demon cat,” due to my constant desire to test gravity and steal socks. Fun fact: gravity works wonders on the delicate and easily breakable crystal figurines that my family is silly enough to leave lying around.



Until recently, when my favorite human, Caroline Taylor, left for a semester abroad in London, I had to share a bedroom. I know, I know, it is disgraceful that a Queen like me has to share anything, much less a bedroom. However, those times are long gone, and I am thoroughly enjoying having my own bedroom. I know that some people might ask, “Why does a 9lb cat need a queen size bed?,” but to that I say, “Because I am worth it!”


Although my new independence is pretty great, there are some things that I miss about my favorite human. For example, she was a great snuggle buddy at night, and she fed me delicious fish treats. But, if I am honest with you, she can be a little naive, and I am a little worried about her safety abroad. Therefore, I made sure to discuss these 3 Safety Tips with her to keep her as safe as possible!


  1. Lock All Doors

This might seem like an obvious tip, but many students do not always lock their doors. Locking doors helps to secure valuables, and doors should be locked whether students are awake or asleep.


  1. Learn the Area

Some schools are in urban areas with high crime. Other schools are in more rural areas that are not well lit. It is important that your student learn how to navigate her area to avoid getting lost.


  1. Use the Buddy System

Talk to your student about the importance of the buddy system and having a plan. All students have to do is choose a friend or a “buddy” to stick with throughout the night. This helps students look out for each other, thus avoiding the dangers of walking home alone or ending up with someone who does not have the best intentions.



These 3 Safety Tips could go a long way in ensuring your student’s safety. After all, unlike cats, humans do not have nine lives! Don’t forget to forward my safety tips to your favorite human!




Audra Taylor, Queen of Everything


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