The Future of Medicine vs. the Future of Financial Advice: How Different Are They?

Published by Taylor Financial Group

At Taylor Financial Group, we are big fans of the Wall Street Journal video series called “Drawing the Future” where experts from different fields talk about how their industries are going to change in the future. One such video called “Drawing the Future of Predictive Medicine with Geneticist J. Craig Venter” was very interesting because it made us think about the parallels between the future of medicine and the future of financial advice. In the video, geneticist J. Craig Venter talks about how the future of medicine will be predictive rather than reactive. Currently, medicine is very reactive, as in patients react to things and have symptoms, so they go to their doctors to find out what is causing those symptoms. Venter believes that in the future, technology will allow us to be more productive so that medicine will be more predictive and medical professionals will prevent diseases before they exist or expand.

This proactive approach made us think about financial advice, because at Taylor Financial Group we also take a proactive approach to our clients’ financial health. For example, we use our state of the art WealthMatch™ program, which helps us to diagnose and understand each of our client’s needs by matching their financial health and their long-term goals. We also create “treatment plans” for clients, which can include spending and distribution plans, estate plans, and retirement plans, so that you will be financially healthy for years to come. Indeed, in our Decision Center, we work to predict how current spending patterns will impact a client’s future.

At Taylor Financial Group, we believe that everyone needs a plan and we do our best to be as proactive as possible when it comes to your financial health and your future. Let us know how we can help!


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