The Pursuit for a Better Financial Life

Being a woman is no easy task! Every time I turn on the news I see a story about the unfair treatment of women. To name a few- pay inequality, job discrimination, unsolicited sexual advances, gender bias, and domestic abuse. However, women are truly starting to speak up and fight against the injustices in our world. Every day, more and more, women are taking control of their lives in more ways than one. That’s why I believe that now is the time, more than ever, for women to be independent and active participants in their financial life. It’s an area where we simply can’t afford to be underrepresented.

Don’t get me wrong, women aren’t totally slacking in the financial department. In fact, women control $14 trillion or 51% of personal wealth accumulated in the United States (crazy, right?!). Female entrepreneurs are also creating new businesses at twice the rate of their male counterparts. However, men win for having higher retirement accounts. Indeed, men typically have a balance 50% higher than women. Why is this an issue? Because women are living longer than men, yet they aren’t preparing nor saving as much for retirement!

As a female financial planner, I never want to see any woman sit on the bench when it comes to investment and financial planning. The truth is that, typically, women are better communicators, better multi-taskers, more rational, and more patient than their male counterparts. To me, these sound like some great qualities for a successful investor.

Don’t be bogged down by the stress of money. Gaining financial confidence and independence is an awesome feeling to have, and one that you deserve to enjoy. After all, how can we solve the gender pay gap issue if we’re not even fully secure and educated on long-term strategies for building our own wealth?

You deserve financial confidence and you should never stop pursuing it. Through putting a smart and strategic plan in place and creating a sound investment strategy, we can help you build a better financial future. Call us today!


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