The Week Ahead – July 15, 2019: Insurance When You’re Young and Single

Coverage can be a great comfort, even in youth.

The transition to adulthood is an exciting new stage that marks true independence. You may have graduated from college, taken your first job, and even, rented your first apartment. With this new freedom comes real responsibilities, including protecting yourself from the financial risks that life presents.

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Last Week at the Office!


Friday, July 12th was “Band T-Shirt Day” at TFG. Tyler & Diane went country (Thomas Rhett & Florida Georgia Line, respectively), Ruth went old school with Queen, and Jared wore a Rap shirt of an artist no one recognized…but he had a guitar!!

Pictured, L-R: Diane Curtin, Tyler Stalter, Ruth Engel and Jared Marzocco (kneeling)
Not pictured: Debbie Taylor, Rob Taylor, Rob Papa, Ava Iorio


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3 Options to Consider Before “Stretch” IRAs Die Out

Where did the flexibility go in ‘Stretch’ IRAs?

Buried within the SECURE Act’s many benefits for retirement planners lies one of its pitfalls. A new provision that could limit the “stretchability” of an Inherited IRA to a ten-year distribution.

This limitation may not seem of particular consequence, especially if you’ve never heard of a “Stretch” IRA. But, if you anticipate leaving an IRA to your kids after your passing, this provision could create a significant tax liability for them.

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