The Week Ahead: April 26, 2021: Is Bitcoin a boom or bust, TFG House View, Register for our upcoming Client Only webinar, Market Update, Social Security and Insurance month, COVID-19 update, all this and more in The Week Ahead!

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Backdoor Roth IRA Contribution Announcement
Provided by Taylor Financial Group
With taxes likely going up, a Roth IRA could be the best retirement strategy available to you and your family as it potentially decreases taxes and allows you to pass on more wealth to your heirs…Read More


The House View: TFG’s Investment Update
Provided by Taylor Financial Group
These markets continue to shock and awe. Aside from the entertainment value, there is plenty to keep an eye on. With that in mind, see below three themes we are watching closely for the second quarter, as well as our current asset allocation tilts…Read More


Perspectives from GSAM Strategic Advisory Solutions
Goldman Sachs Asset Management Resource Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
With the $1.9T American Rescue Plan (ARP) passed, we have revised our growth expectations for the US up to 7.2% in 2021. The Biden administration has proposed several trillion in infrastructure, healthcare, and education investment. Unlike the ARP, this spending may be less front-loaded and growth impulses will likely be spread over the next decade…Read More


Weekly Market Commentary 04.26.2021
S&P Shows Strong Growth as Housing Prices Continue to Climb
Published by The Carson Group, LLC
 S&P 500 earnings are exceeding elevated expectations. Before earnings season began, S&P 500 earnings were expected to grow 23.6% as businesses rallied from lower earnings during the COVID shutdowns from one year ago. Based on the first quarter of companies reporting, earnings are now expected to grow more than 33.8%, and revenue is now expected to rise 7.5%….Read More


Master Your Retirement
Key Actions To Take To Secure The Retirement You Want
Wednesday, May 5th at 4:15 pm EST
(Note the new date)
Here’s what Debbie will address:
1. 6 things you can do to prepare for Retirement
2. The three core characteristics of an ideal Retirement Portfolio
3. How to help make sure your retirement accounts are on track
4. Are you paying too much in taxes? Is your retirement plan tax-efficient?
5. How to help protect your Retirement Nest Egg against longevity risk, inflation risk, and market risk


In The Room with Hamilton Star, Leslie Odom, Jr.
Thursday, June 17th at 2:00 PM EST
Join us for an exclusive conversation and performance with Grammy and Tony Award-winning Hamilton star, Oscar-nominated actor, and author Leslie Odom, Jr.
On Thursday, June 17, you and your family are invited to join us for an invitation-only conversation and performance with a legend in the making: Leslie Odom, Jr.
Get your digital front-row seat as Leslie shares his journey to success in word and music. His journey was never inevitable, including many setbacks he writes about in his bestselling book Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning.
If you saw Hamilton, the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, you know that this Grammy and Tony-winner, who played Aaron Burr, can shine on stage. Leslie is shining on the big screen now, with two Academy Award nominations for his role as the legendary Sam Cooke—one of the most influential soul artists of all time—in the movie, One Night in Miami.
Beyond his amazing talent, Leslie is a tremendous example of a person who has leaned on the advice and trust of others in order to break through and realize his potential. This event promises to be an unforgettable experience.


Life Expectancy and Social Security
Resource Provided by Taylor Financial Group
Life expectancy is a critical element in Social Security planning. Because benefits continue for life, the total amount you stand to receive over your lifetime hinges on how long you and your spouse live. In fact, we could add a new strategy for maximizing Social Security benefits—to live a really, really long time. Nothing maximizes total Social Security benefits more than extreme longevity….Read More


Are you wondering how President Biden’s Tax Plan will affect you?
Flowcharts provided by Taylor Financial Group
President Biden’s administration has outlined a tax policy built upon the agenda introduced during his campaign. Biden’s tax plan focuses on raising taxes on corporations and affluent households while increasing credits for moderate- to lower-income households. With Democratic control of Congress, changes outlined in President Biden’s tax plan have an increased possibility of becoming a reality. At what time, in what form, and to what extent remains to be seen; however, another round of tax law changes is likely on the horizon.


Vaccine Passport
Vox Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group
The term “vaccine passport” generally refers to a smartphone app that can quickly confirm that someone has received a Covid-19 vaccine, so the phone’s owner can do things like enter a venue or board a plane. The debate over vaccine passports, however, often confuses these apps with the broader issue of how vaccination records are handled…Read More
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Financial Resolutions to Take Into the New Year

Tom Fridrich, JD, CLU, ChFC®, Senior Wealth Planner Thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions? Add financial wellbeing to your list. It’s a terrific time to identify goals and opportunities that may put you in a better financial position — not only in the upcoming year, …

Charitable Giving Strategies in a High-Income Year

Tom Fridrich, JD, CLUⓇ, ChFCⓇ, Senior Wealth Planner  The end of the year offers an ideal opportunity to look both forward and back — reflecting on recent achievements, while setting goals for the upcoming months. For many of my clients, it’s also a time to review their finances and i …

Let’s Talk About Midterm Elections and Your Investments

This week was midterm elections and we’ve had many questions about what it all could mean, which we’ll tackle in today’s blog. We consider it a great honor to vote, and while we may not know the final results of the election for days (or even months), what we do know is the election will …

Traditional IRA & Roth Conversion

If you have a Traditional IRA, you may benefit from doing a Roth conversion this year (and if you already performed a conversion this year, you still have time to do an additional conversion before year end). We typically favor Roth IRAs (over Traditional IRA balances) as Roth IRAs grow tax …
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