The Week Ahead: August 16: Market Update, Mid-Year Checkup, College Funding Month, COVID-19 update, all this and more in The Week Ahead!

Weekly Market Commentary 08.16.2021
Market Commentary: Inflation Surge Loses Steam, Job Openings Continue to Increase
Published by The Carson Group, LLC

Core inflation moderated significantly last month, rising only 0.3% after jumping 0.9% in June. Used vehicle prices, which rose 10.2% in June, increased only 0.2% in July. Core CPI excludes food and energy prices, which rose 0.7% and 1.5% respectively. Those two categories propelled overall inflation 0.5% higher, down from 0.9% last month….Read More




Market Pulse, Macro, and Market Views
Goldman Sachs Infographic provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Our global GDP growth forecasts of 6.3% in 2021 and 4.8% in 2022 remain optimistic, though balanced. On the positive side, the US job market recovery is accelerating, European PMIs continue to surprise to the upside, and COVID-19 fatalities are near the lowest levels of 2021. On the negative side, US demand growth has slowed since March’s surge in activity, post-pandemic labor and goods sector shortages are weighing on output, and the spread of variants are offsetting vaccination-related progress….Read More




College Planning: Know the Rules for Education Funding
Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
As college tuition continues to skyrocket, it’s becoming more important than ever to know how the various savings plans work. This handy reference outlines the latest rules on the most popular college savings programs, and how to use them to save money on your children’s education…..Read More
Is The Distribution From My 529 Plan Subject To Federal Income Tax
Checklist Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Investing in a 529 plan can be an effective strategy to save for college. There are, however, some overlooked nuances related to 529 account distributions. And oftentimes, those nuances are not addressed (or even discovered) until after the distribution has occurred and the client is left with an unexpected tax liability….Read More


Thursday, September 9th at 2:00 PM EST
We are living in a pivotal moment of American history, and there’s one word that best sums up our hope and optimism: resiliency.
It’s in this spirit that I’d like to invite you and your family to join me IN THE ROOM with Heroes of 9/11 for a 20th-anniversary celebration honoring some of the most resilient people of our lifetime.
As America marks the anniversary of September 11, we will revisit the day through the lens of those whose lives were forever changed by its events:
  • Alison Crowther: Mother of Welles Crowther, a man who made the ultimate selfless sacrifice at Ground Zero
  • Lieutenant Colonel Robert Darling: A pilot defending the presidential succession
  • Daniel Rodriguez: An NYPD officer whose voice brought a sense of calm amid chaos and catastrophe
Join us for these incredible personal stories of strength. During the event, Cetera’s Chief Investment Officer Gene Goldman will also explore the importance of resiliency when living through uncertain times.


Third Quarter of 2021 Review and a Look at the Year Ahead!
Join us Monday, September 27th at 4:15 pm EST!
Debra Taylor, Lead Wealth Advisor, will speak about the major themes in the financial markets from Q3 and how to help improve your wealth and investments in 2021 and beyond.
Here’s what Debbie will address:
  1. 3rd Quarter Review, current market trends, and where they could take us in the coming months
  2. Major tax changes under the Biden Administration and how they may impact your future planning
  3. Investments to consider for 2021
  4. Ways to help improve your wealth in 2021 and beyond




Within weeks the FDA could lay out who should get booster shots
The Wall Street Journal information provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Within weeks the FDA could lay out who should get booster shots of Covid-19 vaccines, and when. The Biden administration is pushing for swift release of the plan because for some people when could be as soon as this month. Moderna said that it expects people who received its two-dose vaccine to need a third shot in the fall to keep up protection against newer variants; it plans to ask the FDA to authorize its booster shots in September. Vaccination rates are ticking upward across the U.S., particularly where the Delta variant is hitting hardest. But vaccination requirements at some major public university systems face lawsuits from students—a significant test of the government push.
Need to share proof of vaccine? Here’s how to store your COVID-19 vaccination card on your smartphone!
Article by USA Today provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
As the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus runs rampant throughout the U.S., a renewed push is being made to get more Americans vaccinated.
President Joe Biden said last week he would require federal workers to verify they have been vaccinated or undergo regular testing.
Similar policies have been introduced at some local governmentswhile some companies are requiring their employees to get the vaccine to return to the office. Even Broadway said it will make the same request of theatergoers before attending a show…Read More

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