The Week Ahead: August 3rd, 2020: Find Out If and When The Economy Will Rebound, Download Your Own Copy Of Our Updated COVID-19 Index, and A New Round Of Stimulus Checks Could Be On Their Way…all this and more in The Week Ahead!

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The Week Ahead

Your Weekly News and Updates

August 3, 2020


A Second Round of Stimulus Checks Seems Certain – Here’s What to Expect

Forbes Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

Lawmakers are still hashing out some of the details for another coronavirus stimulus package, but they have agreed on distributing a second round of direct coronavirus stimulus payments to help those affected by the pandemic. Who will get the second stimulus payment? How much will the payment be? And when could the stimulus checks start going out? We break it down…Read More


Did you miss our last webinar: 10 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Portfolios – With Market and COVID-19 Updates?

Debbie discussed topics such as Biden’s Tax Plan and the New Stimulus Plan!

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Every week, we will provide you with an updated COVID-19 Index that uses stoplights to indicate the financial stress on our health, economy and markets. It reviews the most recent data points and addresses where we are and then provides an Overall Assessment.

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New This Week:

New This Week:
  • U.S. GDP fell at a seasonally and inflation adjusted -32.9% annual rate in Q2, or a -9.5% drop compared with the prior quarter.
  • Today, August 3rd, 2020, the White House and Democrats will resume negotiations on Coronavirus relief bill. They are trying to restore extra unemployment benefits after expiring for millions of Americans.
  • Gold prices reached a new all-time high on Thursday, July 30, 2020, as it hit $1,960 per ounce. The previous all-time high was set in 2011 when it was $1,921 per ounce.
  • “Big Tech” companies demolished Q2 earnings expectations.


Stock Market v Economy: The Impact of COVID-19

The Economist Video Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

American stock markets have enjoyed a record-breaking streak, even though the country’s economy faces the deepest recession in living memory. Why is stock market performance so seemingly cut off from current events, and what does this tell us about how the economy works?…Click on the photo to watch this short film

The Doctor of Risk Management

Stop Loss, Volatility, Stock Picking and More
The Money Tree Podcast Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

Last week The Money Tree interviewed Richard Smith who has spent the last 16 years leveling the playing field for individual investors. The Money Tree discussed some risk management secrets of professional hedge fund managers: how they manage risk in their portfolios, reduce volatility & protect wealth via stop loss strategies. This is a great episode for novice and professional investors alike. Join The Money Tree Podcast to learn how to invest with less risk…Click on the photo to listen to this podcast


5 Questions to Ask Yourself 5 Years Before You Retire
Horsesmouth Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

The first step in any retirement income plan is to envision your retirement and make some decisions about how you will live. This, in turn, will inform your budget and your retirement income plan. If the numbers don’t support the life you have in mind, now is the time to find out. Adjustments can always be made, whether it means working a little longer now in order to avoid working later, or scaling back your lifestyle in order to retire a little sooner…Read More


Is it safe to go to the pool, lake or beach during Coronavirus? What we know

CNET Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC

Is it safe to invite people over for a pool party, or go to the beach or lake? With lockdown rules and recommendations fluctuating across the US while coronavirus cases continue to spike, there’s reason to ask how busy beaches and public swimming pools could contribute to heightening this wave of the pandemic…Read More

Weekly Market Commentary 8.03.2020

Published by The Carson Group, LLC

U.S. GDP fell 32.9% last quarter on an annualized basis. It wasn’t as bad as it looks. Annualizing the data magnifies the decline by assuming the trend will continue for a full year. A better assessment can be gained by comparing GDP to the same quarter last year. Using this measure, the U.S. economy shrank 9.5%. Even the lower number is staggering. During the global financial crisis, the economy slowed just 4% based on a similar measure…Read More


“Don’t Expect a Great Day; Create One”
– Bob Proctor –

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