The Week Ahead: May 17 , 2021: Market Update, In The News, COVID-19 update, all this and more in The Week Ahead!

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Weekly Market Commentary 05.17.21
A Muddled Economic Picture, Volatile Markets and Rising Inflation
Published by The Carson Group, LLC
The U.S. economic picture is looking more muddled than expected. The Consumer Price Index rose 0.8% last week. Used automobile prices rose quickly in response to the semiconductor shortage limiting new car production and demographic trends boosting demand. Retail sales were expected to build on last month’s stimulus-led surge but instead were flat. Industrial production remained a bright spot, adding 0.7% last month as manufacturing demand remained strong….Read More


Market Know-How
Goldman Sachs Asset Management Resource Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Although COVID-19 may mean that this year’s delayed Olympic Games in Tokyo will be like none that has gone before, one constant will be the Olympic motto: Faster, Higher, Stronger. It is a motto that is also opposite for current market conditions…Read More



Every Monday from 4:15pm – 5:00pm EST
Monday, May 24th
This is exclusive to clients, prospects, friends, and family who would like 1-on-1 access to Debra Taylor and her opinions on the current state of the markets and how that might impact you and your family!
Debra will begin each session by discussing the markets briefly and then open up the floor to questions from the audience. We hope for this to become a place for people to connect each week and discuss important financial topics on their minds!
Questions can be asked LIVE during office hours or sent to AnnMarie in advance!
E-mail AnnMarie at to receive your dial-in information!


In The Room with Hamilton Star, Leslie Odom, Jr.
Thursday, June 17th at 2:00 PM EST
Join us for an exclusive conversation and performance with Grammy and Tony Award-winning Hamilton star, Oscar-nominated actor, and author Leslie Odom, Jr.
On Thursday, June 17, you and your family are invited to join us for an invitation-only conversation and performance with a legend in the making: Leslie Odom, Jr.
Get your digital front-row seat as Leslie shares his journey to success in word and music. His journey was never inevitable, including many setbacks he writes about in his bestselling book Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning.
If you saw Hamilton, the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, you know that this Grammy and Tony-winner, who played Aaron Burr, can shine on stage. Leslie is shining on the big screen now, with two Academy Award nominations for his role as the legendary Sam Cooke—one of the most influential soul artists of all time—in the movie, One Night in Miami.
Beyond his amazing talent, Leslie is a tremendous example of a person who has leaned on the advice and trust of others in order to break through and realize his potential. This event promises to be an unforgettable experience.


You are invited to “Tee Off” with Rob Taylor, Senior Wealth Advisor of TFG, at the Ramsey Golf & Country Club!
Each tee time is limited to 3 spots, so please let us know your availability soon so we can secure your spot!
Wednesday, June 2nd
Wednesday, June 16th
Wednesday, June 30th
12 pm-5 pm (estimated times and depending on the “19th hole”)
Each Golf Outing offered is assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis so RSVP ASAP!
E-mail AnnMarie at to reserve your Wednesday Tee Time with Rob Taylor!


How to Pick the Perfect Credit Card
Kiplinger Article provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Since they were first introduced in the 1950s, credit cards have grown to become a key part of the financial lives of millions of Americans – according to the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau, 66% of the 255 million adults in the United States had at least one credit card account in their name by the end of 2018….Read More
All The Ways Facebook Tracks You and How To Stop It
Forbes Article Provided by Taylor Financial Group, LLC
Is Facebook listening to everything you say via your smartphone microphone? It’s an age-old question, but you may still be curious as to whether the social network can hear your conversations.
It has happened to all of us at some point, and it sure is uncanny when you are talking about something and then open your Facebook app to find that exact item staring back at you….Read More
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