Thin Figure, Fat Pockets

Published by Taylor Financial Group (for women)

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who gained a few pounds during this holiday season. It seems as if some delicious dessert was being made at my house every day for the past month! It’s always around Thanksgiving and Christmas that my willpower greatly diminishes, and then the New Year happens and I get motivated to start eating healthy and exercising once again. With the start of this New Year, I have come to the conclusion that eating right has a positive impact on the body and the bank account.

Now I know this is difficult, because I am addicted too, but I challenge everyone to cut down on their daily Starbucks/ Dunkin Donuts. Not only do drinks like caramel macchiato and iced coffee with cream and sugar cost around $5 each, they also contain a boat load of calories (300 calories in a venti caramel macchiato from Starbucks). If you go twice a day, try going once a day. If you go every day, try cutting back to three times a week. Saving that $5 every day that you would normally spend on that drink would put an extra $1,820 in the bank for you. That’s a vacation!

Another daily habit that I should change is my lunch order. Typically, I run out of the house without even making my lunch. This forces me to order food every day for lunch. While I try to stick with healthy soups and salads from the local place, an extra $10 a day really starts to add up (almost $3,000 a year!). Not to mention, food from home is way healthier to begin with. Restaurant food is packed with sodium, as well as the secret overload of butter, oil, and sweeteners to make everything taste better. In fact, one of my New Year’s resolution is to bring fresh fruit and salad from home every day. Saving calories and money is always a win in my book.

We live busy lives and work hard, so we deserve every now and then to splurge on that extra glass of wine or that doughnut from the local bakery. However, remaining healthy and putting mostly nutritious foods in our body should be our goal, cutting down on Starbucks/ Dunkin Donuts and cooking your own meals are just some great ways to get started. Who knew?! It turns out that thinning down your figure doesn’t necessarily mean you have to thin down your bank account.




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