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I always have an incredible experience when I attend the bi-annual Peak Excell Conference. It’s usually packed with inspiring speakers comprised of thought leaders and industry experts. Excell Spring 2017 was no exception!

We heard from a variety of keynote speakers, including Robert Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Cetera Advisor Networks, Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFP®, an internationally recognized expert on applied technology for financial professionals, and Former NBA Player, Walter Bond, among others. All the speakers were great in their own right, but the one who influenced me the most was former NBA player, Walter Bond.

Stay Positive
Bond gave an enthusiastic speech about his life experience and how he was able to achieve success, including making it to the NBA. He noted that staying positive was one of the key factors to his success. In fact, he believes that one of the more important steps a person should take in order to stay positive is to stop watching the news – or, at least, watch the news less. Bond feels that the news makes people feel negative about the World around them, which makes it difficult to stay positive and remain focused on the good. To demonstrate this concept in terms of sports, he discussed how the news typically only talks about current or former NBA players who have either gone bankrupt or get in trouble with the law. Yet, they will never cover someone like Bond, for example, who after his NBA career ended was able to create a successful business and increase his income above what he was making in the NBA. Bond became a motivational speaker, sharing stories, lessons, and motivation that spark superstars to success, moves middle players into action, and excites attendees to come back for more. Through the organization he built, Peak Performance, Bond works with individuals worldwide who want to “Think. Execute. and Dominate.”

Form Good Habits
Bond is also a strong believer in the power of good habits. He feels certain that everything in life can be broken down into simple methods and habits that only need to be executed. For him, this meant practicing 500 shots every day and counting solely the shots that not only went in, but perfectly bounced back to him. Sounds extreme! But, he made the point that by understanding what you need to do to be successful, you can create a methodology for yourself to get you to where you want to go. It was the ability to recognize these training methods that helped him become a highly sought-after high school recruit. Then, once in college, he continually asked his coach “what do I need to do to make it to the NBA?” His commitment to getting to the next level, plus the steps he took to get there, are what ultimately allowed him to become a professional basketball player.

Create a Connection
Lastly, Bond considers simply being “likeable” one of the major keys to success. He realized early on in his life, when he was going through the college recruiting process, that being likeable was just as important as being good at what you did. And this worked both ways. For instance, the recruiter who finally convinced Bond to play for his team did so by being friendly and building a personal relationship with him and his family. Dozens of recruiters from different schools showed up at his door with the sole purpose of convincing him to join their team. After each recruiter left, he and his family would sit around and ask themselves, “how did we feel about him?” This one recruiter was able to connect with his mother by expressing a shared interest in blue grass, and then connected with his father by talking about their mutual experience growing up in the South. By being likeable and taking time to build connections, the recruiter ultimately persuaded Bond to play for the University of Minnesota.

With this final story, Bond drives home the message that people like to buy from, work with, and follow people that they like, and with whom they can form personal connections. We take this to heart at Taylor Financial Group. We have always believed that our strong relationship with our clients is one of the most important parts of what we do. Yes, we manage investments and wealth, but if we’re not doing this with a personal understanding of each of our client’s wants, needs and goals, we are simply not doing it right.

If you have any questions or want to review your personal goals, please give us a call. We want to stay in touch and make sure we are exceeding your every expectation.

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