Is there any way to avoid paying taxes on IRA conversions?

Q. Dear Debbie,

I converted my Roth IRA to a Traditional IRA in 2015 and the value has now fallen. Is there any way for me to avoid paying taxes on the conversion?

A. Actually, many taxpayers are unaware that there are ways to avoid paying taxes on Roth IRAs converted in 2015 that have since fallen in value. If a traditional IRA was converted to a Roth IRA last year and has now fallen in value, you can re-characterize the Roth account back to a traditional IRA. You have until October 17, 2016, to make this request.

Moreover, if you have already filed your 2015 taxes and, as a result, have already paid taxes on the full conversion, the problem can still be corrected. All you have to do is file an amended return seeking a refund of the tax difference.

Thirty days after you have undone the conversion, you can then reconvert the reduced amount back to a Roth and pay less tax (assuming that those investments have decreased in value and you won’t be in a higher tax bracket this year).

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