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Taylor Financial Group Virtual Tools

At this time, we are taking advantage of the many online interactive tools we have been using for years with our clients (such as GoToMeeting) that we use frequently. We have found these tools to be very convenient as it allows us to meet “face to face,” share documents, and converse, all with the comfort and security that these times require.

Therefore, we want to take the time to highlight the various features you can access through our Client Portal in WealthMatch.

Your financial plan is more important than ever!

The current state of the market may have you feeling nervous. You might be wondering how the current market could impact your financial plan and your future. Now, more than ever, having a financial plan to turn to can provide you with comfort in these uncertain times.

Our plans have always incorporated a Monte Carlo analysis which runs 1000simulations of your financial plan against future market conditions. These conditions include protracted bear markets and other worst-case scenarios. The result of introducing random investment volatility (as we are currently experiencing) to the plan provides you a picture of what your portfolio could look like in a range of market conditions. In short, your plans were already stress-tested.

A plan in place can help ease your mind in a time when you have doubts. By working together, we hope to provide security and confidence even in times of uncertainty.

The first step is to access the WealthMatch Client Portal, which provides you with a real-time, on-demand financial experience. WealthMatch is the center of all of our client’s financial plans, and we want to remind you that this tool is available to you at all times.

Once you create your account, you will be able to access many features.

Use different reports to view your portfolio over time

We use various reports to analyze your plan. All of your reports can be found in the reports tab. The account values for the accounts we manage here at TFG are automatically updated in real-time. Therefore, the reports reflect this data.

The Monte Carlo report is important as it gives your plan a success rate. This provides a great visual for you, especially when you are looking to see how your plan has been affected by current market conditions.

The Assets report gives you a breakdown of your assets and allows you to see how those accounts are taxed. This can bring awareness to the potential opportunities you may have to minimize your taxes.

The Cash Flow report is also valuable in showing your cash flow each year and separating out each category that makes up your total portfolio assets.

Go to the Decision Center for interactive charts

Do charts and visuals work better for you? Go to the Decision Center under the Plans tab to look at your Lifetime Portfolio Value and Cash Flow Overview as a mountain chart. The chart is interactive and allows you to hover over each year for more information.

Have all of your accounts all in one place

You can connect all external accounts to your profile to view your complete financial picture.

Securely store or share your documents

Safely store all of your important files and access them anywhere directly through the Vault located in your Client Portal. These documents are protected and can only be viewed by you. You may upload documents to the Shared Documents folder if you would like TFG to have access to the files. The Vault is a great alternative to email and mailing documents as it has a high level of encryption and undergoes rigorous security testing.

The Client Portal is an invaluable resource and we want to remind you that it is readily available to you anywhere and at any time.

If you would like to set up your Client Portal or have questions about your existing account, please contact Jennifer Mlynar at jmlynar@taylorfinancialgroup.com or call 201-485-8098. If you would like a demonstration, we can provide you with a thirty-minute tutorial to get you more familiar with the software.

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“For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.”

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