Educating Women

Women are more passionate than ever about learning and gaining independence, and are dominating college campuses nationwide, accounting for 55% of undergraduates enrolled at four-year colleges.  Meanwhile, women are also starting businesses at two-times the rate of men, are breadwinners or …

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Why Women are Different

Although it can be difficult to generalize, the biggest difference between men and women investors is that women are more goal oriented than men.  According to Kathy Murphy, President of personal investing at Fidelity, “Women have long-term goals, and they stick with the plan.”  Women conce …


One of the biggest retirement hurdles facing women today is that women are living longer than their spouses.  Statistics show that half of surviving spouses over age 65 will outlive their spouses by 15 years, and 90% of women will be in charge of the household finances at some point in thei …

Working Women

As a mother and wife, our Founder, Debbie Taylor, understands the struggles women face while working both in and out of the home. Debbie knows firsthand that raising children is an extremely important full-time job. Likewise, Debbie’s experience working as an entrepreneur and small bu …

Divorcing Women

These days, it’s no secret that about 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Despite these statistics, few women are prepared for such a possibility.  Going through a divorce is not only emotionally draining, but can also be financially challenging, too.  At Taylor Fin …

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