A Blog From a Dog: Coco Explains the Fall Workshops

Published by Coco Taylor, Director of Enjoyment

As Director of Enjoyment, a coveted position at Taylor Financial Group, I provide emotional support to the Taylor Financial Group team with my constant enthusiasm and positive team morale. This means that I spend most of my time encouraging team members to pet me, as I believe the act of dog-petting results in happier humans AND happier dogs!

However, constantly receiving pets and attention can be very tiring, so I make sure to take several naps a day. Whenever Mr. Rob sees me napping, he says that he is “jealous” and would like to switch jobs, but Miss Debbie always says no. She knows that I have practiced the art of napping for years, and that Mr. Rob could not easily replace me.

As a dog, there are many things that I love about Fall. I love when all the leaves fall off the trees and I get to run through them. I also am a huge fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, because the songs are amazing. However, one thing I don’t love about Fall is that kids start school again, and this makes Miss Debbie very sad (especially when one of her kids forgets to call her because she is having “too much fun at college”).

As Director of Enjoyment, I knew that making Miss Debbie feel better again was my responsibility. So I conferred with her, and she told me that when her kids leave, she misses bonding with them and teaching them life lessons. This gave me a brilliant idea! I would find new humans for Debbie to bond with and teach! There was only one problem. What would Debbie teach? Then I remembered that Debbie gives major presentations to other financial advisors about taxes and financial planning, and I realized that she could give similar presentations to humans at local libraries.

When I told Debbie about the idea, she was surprised and excited. She loved the idea because it enables her to give back to her community! She also rewarded me for my initiative with extra treats! This Fall, Debbie plans to teach a total of 10 workshops on various financial planning topics, such as retirement planning, taxes and investing.
Everyone is welcome, but space is limited, so please register by emailing Melissa at [email protected] or calling (201) 891-1130. If you have any questions about our workshops, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Click Here to View our Full Workshop Schedule!

Till next time,
Coco Taylor


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