Reviewing and Updating Your Estate Plan

It’s been a couple of years since I last wrote about the need to review and update your estate plan. A lot can happen in only a couple of years – marriage, purchase of a new home, the birth of a child. My particular situation involves two out of the three life events listed above. …

What Our Client Advisory Board Taught Us

Published by Taylor Financial Group On October 13, 2016, we held our Annual Client Advisory Board (CAB) Luncheon, where we gathered with a small group of our valued clients to solicit critical feedback and discuss our plans for the future.

4 Insights on Appropriate Diversification

Published by Jake Bleicher and the Carson Group Partners Investment Committee One of the classic axioms of investing is diversify, diversify and diversify. It is a practical way of minimizing exposure to the potential downfalls of any single investment. In other words, don’t place all of yo …

6 Ways to Prepare for Retirement

Debbie was quoted in this article entitled “6 Ways to Prepare for Retirement” by

A True Wealth Moment

Have you ever had a moment when it seems like time stops for a second and you say to yourself, “wow…this is awesome”, or you have a wave of happiness and the feeling of being very grateful for life? I define these times as True Wealth moments.

Diversification: Risk and Reward

Published by Brett Carson, Director of Research, and the Carson Group Partners Investment Committee Diversification is a cornerstone of portfolio risk management. In short, investors should spread capital among various assets to attempt to reduce volatility and avoid being wiped out by one …

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