The Week Ahead – July 22, 2019: You Could Retire, But Should You?

clock ticking down to retirement

It might be better to wait a bit longer.

Some people retire at first opportunity, only to wish they had waited longer. Your financial strategy likely considers normal financial ups and downs. That said, a big “what if” on your mind might be “what if I retire in a downtime that doesn’t swing back upward in a year or two?” It could happen to everyone, and it certainly doesn’t work on your schedule.

For that reason, the fact that you can retire doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

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Last Week at the Office!

Friday, July 19th was “Bring a Snack Day” at TFG. We had chips & salsa, challah bread (Diane ate a whole loaf by herself!), bruschetta, pretzel & dip, cider donuts, and chocolate rugalach. Unfortunately, we ate it all before taking a picture!

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Navigating Your Retirement

Assuaging your fears and indulging your passions.

During the first days, weeks, or maybe even months of retirement, you may experience a blissful honeymoon feeling. No boss, no job, no worries! But as that honeymoon glow fades you may find yourself lost at sea, wondering where to go from there.

So how do you find your way to tropical waters and sunshine? Well, start by asking for directions.

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