A Fresh Look at WealthMatch – Are You on Course?

Published by Debra TaylorCPA/PFS, CDFA, JD | June 13, 2016
Two weeks ago I had the good fortune of attending the 2016 Excel Conference in sunny Arizona.  I spent several days networking with peers, listening to practice management experts about how to create an exceptional client experience, and we heard from portfolio managers.  I also had the opportunity to present to 250 of my colleagues on the benefits of WealthMatch, our financial planning management experience.  It was great fun speaking to my peers about the benefits of having a financial plan, and aligning our clients’ wealth with their dreams.  We also discussed various ways to use WealthMatch, including modeling out future cash flow and retirement income and expenses, and the need to create a “rainy day” or “liquidity” bucket that seeks to provide withdrawals to satisfy our clients’ cash flow needs.

Debbie presented to over 250 of her colleagues at the Peak Excell Conference on May 26th.

Learning about your needs and goals and creating a plan to help you pursue those goals has been some of the most rewarding work we have done this year.  With markets continuing to be “violently” flat, it is forcing all of us to become more patient investors.  It also allows us the opportunity to review your “needs and wants” and to chart your course, so that we can better pursue your long term goals.  The education we pass on to our clients encourages them to stay on track towards their goals and have a plan in place to help them get there.  We believe that this knowledge has been gratifying and eye-opening as we are constantly reminding clients that mediocre returns in the short term doesn’t destroy a lifetime of good savings and investing habits.

As I write this, the market continues to meet resistance and flirt with its all-time record.  The market has been dancing around this record for over one year now, and is clearly seeking direction.  Generally speaking, and based on our individual conversations, we believe that our client portfolios are generally well prepared for the long term investor (although unfortunately we can’t do anything about the inevitable bumps in the road).

We remain committed to serving you and providing the best client experience possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance in any way.

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