How to Make Sense of Retirement and Estate Finance

Retirement is far off until it isn’t. This chapter of life can sneak up on just about anyone, and we do ourselves a favor to be as prepared as we can. Like anything involving the government, finances can be confusing, with different tax treatments, contribution limits, beneficiary rules and more.

8 Things We Learned From Our 2020 Client Advisory Board

Last week, Taylor Financial Group hosted our annual Client Advisory Board Meeting – Virtually this year!   As you probably know by now, every year we hold our Client Advisory Board (CAB) meeting , where we discuss all things Taylor Financial Group – where we’ve been, what we’ve b …

The Comprehensive Guide to Estate Planning

An estate plan doesn’t materialize with the snap of your fingers. In fact, an estate plan demands that you confront your mortality. Perhaps that’s why so many of us fail to plan for the future. The reality is that estate planning isn’t about you – it’s about your loved ones. Much stands to …

FeeX Client Services – Introducing Retirement by Design

Are Your Retirement Accounts on Track? A Retirement Account Management Tool Your retirement accounts -your 401(k) chief among them -are likely the largest assets you own and the linchpin of your golden years. So why wouldn’t you proactively manage those assets, alongside the rest of y …

Teaching Kids about Money from Childhood Through Adulthood

Teaching kids about money is especially complex – you aren’t just passing on a few bucks to go to the movies, but an array of attitudes, values and assumptions regardless of whether you mean to. Your kids watch, in a way not even they are aware of, how you interact with finance and how you …

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