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Are Your Retirement Accounts on Track?

A Retirement Account Management Tool

Your retirement accounts -your 401(k) chief among them -are likely the largest assets you own and the linchpin of your golden years.

So why wouldn’t you proactively manage those assets, alongside the rest of your portfolio?

We have the extensive industry knowledge to make your retirement accounts work for you -and now we have an innovative tool to actively trade in the accounts and seamlessly integrate them into your overall financial plan.

Introducing Retirement by Design.

This powerful platform empowers your advisor to analyze your retirement accounts and make strategic trades, giving you more confidence in your full retirement portfolio.

Professionally managed 401(k) accounts produce 3% higher returns, on average, according to a 2014 study. For a 45-year-old, that could mean 79% more wealth at age 65.

Don’t fend for yourself in a world of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs -turn to your trusted advisor for guidance.

How It Works

Once your account is securely connected to our management program, your advisor can closely monitor your account and:

  • Review contributions, distributions and trade activity
  • Trade on your behalf
  • Take into account your risk profile and long-term goals
  • Execute asset allocation changes as needed
  • Incorporate your retirement accounts into a holistic financial plan

Accounts we can manage include: 401(k), Roth 401(k), 403(b) accounts, 457s, thrift savings plans (TSP), as well as optional retirement, profit sharing and defined contributions plans.

Take advantage of this impactful tool, and contact us today! For additional information, please contact Jared Marzocco, our Operations Associate, at [email protected]

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