Investing in Yourself is The Best Decision for The Future

Published by Teresa Milner A young lady was referred to me for my financial services this past month. We got together for lunch and by the end of our time together, she may have felt more like she was speaking to her mother. The more she shared her current situation, the more I realized she …

Unintended Consequences of a Minor Child as Beneficiary

Published by Beth Schanou, Director of Wealth and Estate Planning When you hear “estate planning,” what comes to mind?  Some of the things that come to mind for many are the need to work with an estate planning attorney and having long, hard to read documents drafted. That is part of it. Th …


For Millennials, managing life and finances comes with challenges, especially those like balancing college debt with home ownership and having important goals like saving for retirement. Download this free guide for tips on how Millennials can get started on the path to the confident financ …

Did you lock that mortgage rate in? Did you move from stocks to bonds?

Published by Jason Comes, Wealth Advisor Most voters were caught off-guard last month when President Elect Donald Trump won the election. And yes, many Wall Street firms were wrong about their stock market predictions if Trump won as well. After the initial election night scare, all of the …

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Published by Taylor Financial Group LPL Financial’s recent Outlook 2017 Executive Summary reminded us that, this time last year, things were much different in the stock markets and in the World.  We were still recovering from the August 2015 market collapse, and headed toward what wou …

Earlier is Better

Anyone who understands the time value of money understands that when it comes to investing, earlier is better. And yes, anyone would encourage you to the fullest of their ability to invest as soon as you can. But how do we invest early?

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