The Week Ahead – July 29, 2019: Gradual Retirement

Not everyone retires the same wayor at the same pace.

Are you in a hurry to retire? Not everyone is rushing to that particular finish line. According to the 2018 retirement survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, which gauges the outlook of American workers, 56% of those who describe themselves as “fully retired” did so before age 65, while another 14% said goodbye to the daily grind in the year they turned 65.

But that still leaves a significant number – 30% of respondents – working beyond age 65, with some even indicating that they never “expect to stop working.”1

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Last Week at the Office!

Friday, July 26th was “Pizza Friday” at TFG. Pizza, garlic knots, salad…what more could you ask for?

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Will You Live Comfortably in Retirement?

Recent reports show that more Americans currently expect to live comfortably in retirement compared to a year ago.1 Perhaps, it is due to recent stock market gains or low unemployment. In any event, this optimism is great!

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